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Pimp My Room!!



The thing about interiors is that you can’t avoid it unless you live in open space! This has been my experience…

When you find yourself working with an interiors based organization you start to realize and notice somethings in your space that are way too off.

Its no secret my room is a mess!! I make the bed though…but there is always that feeling of i wish i had more space, a walk-in closet, and there are times i just wish i had two houses, one for my stuff and the other one just for me!

What i have learnt however, is that, i work with what i have. I mean move a table here put the bed there move some stuff here and there and voila!  am good to go.

So let me invite you to take a look at somethings that will help us fix our spaces and get that dream room that we have wanted for so long on the Ideal Interiors TV Show.

Send me a picture of your space and let me see how best to work with that. You never know you might get lucky and i send an Interior Designer over to do your entire room…call it Pimp My Room!!