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Edition 09

Poliform resultant success



Poliform one of Karibu Italy’s prime brands at the showroom is back in Italy distinguished as a family business that, through years of hard work and its resultant success, has become one of the most iconic Italian brands in the interior design sector.

Its slogan is “My life, my style” and this philosophy is reflected in its products: custom-made pieces of modern furniture suitable for everyone.

Founded in 1970 in Brianza, the cradle of the furniture Italian industry was actually an extension a little family workshop dating back to 1942. Never forgetting its woodcarving roots, the reinvented company today specializes in producing home furniture on an industrial scale and has since become one of the Italian market leaders in interior design an annual turnover of about 100 million Euros and to extend the brand’s unmistakable quality and style into ever new fields, reaching almost 80 countries in the world.

SenzafineWD-EgoWalkincloset-VenturaLounge-ElisePoufPoliform’s great strength is the ease and speed with which it adapts its range to the constantly evolving furniture market. One can therefore be sure that when placing orders for Poliform products they’ll squarely receive style that expresses the different ways of looking at furnishing, as inspiration of today dreams, innovation, change of habits and organization of family.

The main purposes of this style are comfort, simplicity, beauty and environmental sustainability. Within the contemporary style we can find other subcategories such as minimalist, loft or the hi-tech style.