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Are you looking for a generator?





Here are some essential factors to consider during investment

  • Reliable brand
  • Reputable company
  • Warranty period of product
  • Availability of parts
  • Service team available
  • Technical support and Consultation

Generators have become an essential part of the industry today. With frequent power failures from mainstream power providers, any stable business must acquire a generator as a prerequisite.

But the acquisition of a generator can be a fuss, especially if the user is not informed about modern power generating equipment.

“It is possible that one can acquire an outdated generator that does not adhere to very modern international compliance standards,” says Ms AfraTobaria who is in charge of marketing at Famiar Generating Systems Ltd.

She reckons that one has to be particular in the selection of a generator to ensure they obtain optimum benefits from the equipment.

“This modern times call for modern generators that are not only able to switch on automatically within seconds of power failure, but are also environment friendly and consume less fuel,” Ms.Tobaria says.

For this reason, Famiar has been on the forefront as one of the continent’s leading generating systems suppliers and service providers, to ensure businesspeople have no sleepless nights over power.

Famiar has grown in leaps and bounds in the last decade to become one of Africa’s major dealers in automatic power gensets, mobile trailer mounted gensets, sound proof canopies, synchronized units, design and installation as well as the servicing of generators and the products that largely handle power back up issues.

Apart from the core fundamentals, what else should a businessperson look for when shopping around for a good generator?

Well, for starters, each of the generator sets distributed by Famiar consists of standard equipment which include a cooling system, an engine, a base frame, a control panel and an alternator. These are factors that one must take cognizance of when selecting a good generator.

The cooling system, for instance, consists of industrial type of radiator, expansion tank, which constantly keeps the temperature of the generator sets at an acceptable level.

Luckily, the engine is diesel powered, so consumption is at a minimum with output almost twice that of a petrol-powered generator.

The generators must have a base frame that is strong enough to provide high level of easy transportation and emplacement with an accompanying design that is appropriate for the user’s needs. It also should be able to reduce vibration to a minimum.

A standard control panel used in the Famiar’s generators will provide comfort and safety in the form of a guiding panel with proper and easy to understand indicators. This is designed in accordance with the customer’s needs.

“The alternator is durable and highly efficient and has a bedding system that does not require maintenance,” Ms Tobaria says. “It also has an automatic voltage regulator that provides stable output voltage, and is globally approved.”

The engine has a mechanical or electronic type of governor with sensitive speed adjustment and is ably boosted by a standard type canopy.

The canopy, whilst protecting the generator set, also helps in the prevention of noise pollution. It features a four-points lifting system at the top that allows for easy transportation, and a hidden exhaust inside the canopy. It also has an emergency stop button on the canopy as well as an enhanced air suction channels in order to provide homogenous cooling inside the canopy.

“The cover on the top of the canopy provides easy filling anti-freeze to the radiator, and also a strengthened paint system against corrosion and rusting,” says Ms Tobaria.

The generators are designed for ease of transportation and maintenance, safety in use and performance that creates a difference from the point of sound isolation.

Famiar has fully trained field service engineers and technicians who have the experience in looking after all aspects of the operations and maintenance of the generator equipments. The firm also custom-designs the equipment in line with client needs to ensure everyone gets just what they need.

Famiar continues to be a leading entity in the market, and analysts say the firm is on course to continue a rapid expansion in all parts of Africa.