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Edition 08

Re-analyze your bath-space



There are some ideas that you may not have thought about while actualizing your bathroom, writes Hilda OTUGA stressing on sustainable aesthetical preferences.

Bathrooms make people. They are more personal than talking about a kitchen. For this reason it is important to create a customized floor plan that will offer you space in line with the family’s needs. You surely may need to consider hiring a bathroom designer or do-it-yourself by analyzing the size of your family’s needs in selected bath-spaces.

We are today only limited by imagination on a project’s budget. People seem to want standard master baths and they are turning them into customized retreats. Paying a visit to bath showrooms and plumbing showrooms provides the opportunity to see fascinating bathrooms firsthand.

In this edition, we’ve highlighted the fundamental factors for actualizing a wow bathroom. Of late, the master bath has undergone some changes. Giant tubs, once wildly popular, have fallen out of favor. People are instead choosing custom showers including overhead showerheads, wall-mounted showerheads, hand-held showerheads, shower tiles, rain bars, body sprays and steam showers. People aren’t spending the time in the tubs. They can get the same benefit and be in and out in five minutes (with a shower).

Analysis worksheet

Take the time to photo-copy this worksheet and fill it out. This will get you thinking of what you like and dislike about your bathroom. It may also give you some ideas you may not have thought about.

There is no time line for filling this out, no final exam grade, or any penalty for boxes that are not filled in. No one will see this but you and it is for your benefit only. So relax, pour yourself some coffee, and enjoy thinking and dreaming about the perfect bathroom you would love to bring into being.


Other than the obvious activities, do you or would you like to conduct other business in the bathroom, such as:Read , Dress , Put on Makeup , Talk on the Phone , Exercise,   Practice yoga or tai chi , Meditate or Hide from the kids
How many people use the bathroom?
Does it have to accommodate more than one person at a time during morning rush hour?
Is it arranged into separate areas so that multiple activities can be carried on at the same time?
Are you happy with the size of the:Shower,  Tub or Sink
Are the previous items mentioned things that need to be replaced?
Do you have enough mirror area for more than one person, if necessary?
Is the room arranged to be used by all ages who use the room:Small children ,Elderly  or Handicapped
Do you have enough hot water and water pressure to meet your needs?
Is the room easy to maintain or should you replace tile, grouting, flooring that has grown dingy and hard to clean?
Are you happy with the amount of storage that is available?
What fixtures would you like to add to update your bathroom to keep up with today’s technology:Sauna,  Whirlpool, Bidet  ,Larger/Smaller Shower/Tub/Sink
Do you have enough counter space?
Would you like space to display more decorative objects?
What do you like about the room?
What do you dislike about the room?
What changes would you make if there were no budget considerations?

After giving thought to and filling out this questionnaire, you can now turn the pages to sample some bath-space pictures to get ideas and inspiration for your creativity.