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Edition 04

Secrets of interior design professionals



By Winnie LAU

I often wonder what goes through many people’s minds when they walk into a stunning hotel lobby, a fashionable meeting room, a mind boggling elegant living room or perhaps any fabulous interior space that literally made their jaws drop. Our environment and our life experience are greatly influenced by the design of spaces we live and work in.

 For many of us, there’s knowledge that good design is more than a question of good taste and appearance!

If your goal is to have a home or office or restaurant (you name the space) that could grace one of the covers of an interior design magazine, then hiring an Interior Designer is probably your best route to success.

Consulting with an Interior Designer is about client and designer coming together to create a unique space. It is about helping you as a client

to develop your vision while analyzing the design requirements. The end result is the creation of a flexible, functional environment that optimizes your space and relates to your image, business and location.

Appropriate qualification

Enlisting the help of these professionals need not be a daunting task, you just need to know what each is qualified to do. Hence let us look at the defining differences between an interior decorator and an interior designer, a contractor and an architect. While the distinctions may seem subtle, they are actually rather radical, and can make all the difference between the intended and finished project.