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Security solutions



One does not necessarily need a gun or self-defense martial tactics to protect lockable rooms but worthwhile security solutions to fortify the sanctuaries that keep a range of valuables writes Karoline KANYERIA.

As the adage goes “A man’s home is his castle” so is the affirmation that everyone needs a fortified space for valuables. Nothing makes that truer than a safe room, and it doesn’t matter what gender you are either. 

In essence a safe room is any space you select that has been modified to withstand an all-out assault by a home, office or some valuable space invader or invaders. Although bedrooms are the usual choice, any room with one door that can be locked can be used.

If you live in a multi-level house you can go so far as to have one on each floor, but that would only be if you are being actively stalked.

Despite the situation, one does not have to go to the extreme of sophistication to make a safe-room. There are ranges of workable safe room solutions that would jell well with your home’s décor or disrupting the utility of the room.

ASSA ABLOY (East Africa) Ltd, Kenya’s door opening solutions abode has signaled intentions to continue offering the market some hi-tech secure sanctuary solutions. The firm, a subsidiary of the globally renowned ASSA ABLOY AB , has in recent years introduced state-of-the-art  door opening solutions that provide users with Safety, Security and Convenience.

The company’s product-line offers a span of mechanical locks to keyless entries and intelligent door openings. Locks and security solutions from the firm stand for high quality. The products range from mechanical locks  for wooden, aluminum, steel doors– such as basic lever locks, cylinder locks – and security doors; as well as electromechanical locks,  fire escape hardware, , door closers,  automatic door systems, safes for office and home use, high security padlocks, access control systems and identification, smart cards and (Radio Frequency Identification) RFID readers.

Keyless entries are part of the firm’s door security solutions. Although gaining credence in Europe its AssaAbloy Mobile Keys product-range are yet to get into East Africa’s market. Plans are nonetheless underway to market the product effectively for future integration and use.



Door automatics

Automatic revolving doors, swing doors, sliding doors, air curtains and roller shutters are all examples of door automatics for automated entrances and complete entrance solutions that the firm offers worldwide.

Some of these technologies are already fully in use across East Africa. Automatic doors are in demand because they offer simple and convenient security solution to entrances and exits. Through its broad product range, ASSA ABLOY has the unique ability to integrate automatic-door operation with locking and access control.

Installing door automatics can help save energy. Using automatic revolving doors stop air moving freely because the doors are never open – seals remain in contact with the walls at all times, and only the air in the chamber with the person going through is exchanged. For example, revolving doors allow eight times less air exchange than swing doors.

Choosing a lock

It is advisable to use a 2 lever lock, the most basic locking mechanism, for internal doors and is not recommended for a main/entrance door as it can be easily compromised. On medium level security, a 3 level lock is appropriate for internal doors into rooms that require a somewhat higher level of security.  A 5 lever lock is considered a high security lock mostly used for steel/metal doors  but is also usable on a wooden door.

A cylinder lock is high security compared to the lever locks referred to above.

Lever & Cylinder locks, padlocks, and exit devices are a few examples of traditional mechanical products. Even when the conditions are rough and demands for security, safety and design are high, the firm’s line of mechanical locks and hardware can always be trusted.

Security doors

Stringent requirements for emergency evacuation and fire safety mean there is a high demand for security and steel door as well as fire escape devices all which form the company’s portfolio.

By combining the strengths of industry-leading door and hardware brands, ASSA ABLOY’s security doors, fire escape hardware, and frames can be fire-rated, electrified and pre-assembled to suit any security need and fitted with any hardware – whether it is mechanical, electromechanical or access control.

Augmented Service

In order to offer the right solutions right from the drawing board, several services are offered to the building industry fraternity-architectural, quantity surveying, interior designers, private and public property developers as well as building contractors. These range from door scheduling, iron monger specification, and master keying. All these remove the headache of planning and identifying the appropriate doors and locks required for each project- commercial or residential.

Karol is the AssaAbloy Kenya Marketing & Communications Executive