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The Ideal Interiors Show 2010 that was squarely geared to celebrate and add value to persons with passionate minds in styling-up offices, hotels as well as making the home-making fun-filled emerged an event of winners who comprised the show visitors, exhibitors and host, writes Oliver Odhiambo.

Kenya’s premier Ideal Interiors Show 2010 geared to styling-up offices and hospitality sector as well as making the home-making a national passion, has emerged as an active trend-setting and knowledge based event with its winners being the show visitors and exhibitors.

The show which earlier had been slated for four days – August 7th – 10th 2010 – at the Village Market had its duration extended by an extra two days owing to public demand.

Being held for the first time, the visitors were evidently yearning to not only sample but buy the aesthetically appealing, technologically advanced and sustain-ably sound breed of creative interiors to suit their domestic or formal settings and the recreational places.

 Decisive buyers

Taking decisive buyers through an exiting and spectacular showcase of inspirational living the event themed: Keeping Pace with the New Breed of Interiors for the first time in Kenya’s history of expos actualized a show-stopper house at the precincts of its venue that attracted an estimated 10,000 visitors.

“Rarely do we have shows extend,” quipped Humphrey Odhiambo, the show director noting that actual winners of the event were those who were able to engage at the show of which business worth over 50 million was conducted.

Among the show visitors were celebrity and home improvement writers, interior designers, architects, landscapers, property buyers, home owners and developers. Other guests included home and office renovators, interior design consultants, diplomats and expatriates who appreciate creative works.

 Combined effort

In a bid to showcase talent and style, a combined effort of eight firms that comprised Antarc Furniture, Contract Carpeting, Economic Housing Group, Homes & Style, Sadolin Paints, Palacina Interiors and Wood Products won the hearts of visitors who toured the show.

The team led by Ms. Shahin Rajwani, managing director of Spiegel Interiors in conjunction with Real Wealth, the show organizers unveiled the country’s first-ever fully furnished house that became the talk of show.

Twelve awards of the event’s four categories lined for the exhibitors’ special recognition awards were scooped by rare names in national-level exhibitions and a handful of some already established furniture and furnishing firms as well as interior design powerhouses.

And the winners were…

Kenya’s first ever Ideal Interiors show was punctuated with a thorough assessment of exhibitors who had braved the long-hours of set-up phase to come-up with very appealing booths.

The event accessed by a panel of adjudicators from Kenyatta University, QuadrantShift Africa and Afri Business Development was evidently competitive according to Mr. Robert Yawe who chaired the judging session.

“We witnessed a rare show of talent and finest creativity that can squarely better homes, offices and hotels in this country and beyond,” said Mr. Yawe during a Gala Awards Ceremony adding: “Although the event had a slow start, it tremendously picked its tempo when customers started engaging with exhibitors on the event’s second day.”

With bated breath the exhibitors waited for their names to be called out as winners in categories that included: Accessories and Appliances, Auxiliary Décor and Support Services, Furniture and Fittings. The fourth competitive category was Soft Furnishings.

Auxiliary Décor and Support Services

Emerging tops in the Auxiliary Décor and Support Services were Wood Products which scooped the first prize while FairDeal Furniture took the second place and Economic Housing Group Ltd emerged the second runners-up.

Accessories and Appliances

In the Accessories and Appliances slot Brazafric Enterprises took the top accolade followed by Dong Fang as Contract Carpeting emerged third.

Soft Furnishing

The Soft Furnishing winners ranged from Spiegel Interiors rated best, while the second and third prizes went to Ultra Interiors and African Heritage Design Company respectively.

Furniture and Fittings

Palacina Interiors were tops in the Furniture and Fittings group that saw Antarc Furniture rated second best while Furniture Palace romped in third.

Overall winner

The Ideal Interiors 2010 overall winner was Spiegel Interiors. The exhibitor was voted the best exhibitor by those visitors. Pulling back tears of joy Ms. Rajwani said: “I am so humbled with this prize and I owe it to the team that dedicated hours to put-up the event’s most preferred stand.

In the show that would not have been complete without visitors having some rare take-homes saw Jodi Edmonds who had just flown into the country to stay scooped a living room-set worth Ksh 800,000.

“When I was called to confirm that I’d won the special gift, I thought it was only a sofa but to my amazement Palacina Interiors offered me a surprise gift of my lifetime as they furnished my entire living-room in a house that I’d just entered,” said Ms Edmonds a mother of two.

Winning a flight and a three-night holiday treat for two at Baraza Resort and Spa in Zanzibar still courtesy of Palacina Interiors was Roda Muiruri of Diani Flowers.

What they said 

Thank you for initiating the Ideal Interiors Show. We were a little nervous but you’ve totally convinced us to be daring about investment even when the economic climate was suggesting a poor turn-out. We qualitatively engaged, made sales and are we continue to have a good number of quality enquiries which we are still following up. Keep up the tempo.”
Brian Mungai, Tamarind Properties, Nairobi.
“It was one of the best shows we had, most visitors on the stand ever. Most new contacts ever; good reputation for the show organizers and the event hosts gave us the every day confidence of doing valuable business. We’ll see you next year.”

Christine Nzioki, Ultra Interiors – Nairobi

“The challenges of working with the Maasai Market on Friday hindered us from capturing the visitors we expected on this very special day.  It would be best if the event hosts would consider having the Maasai Market on another week-day to create room for impact in this fantastic show. Despite the challenge, the event was an eye-opener and fulfilling.”

Yusuf Wajihi,

Fairdeal Furniture