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Small, cute and spacious



The one thing am sure of is that we all love having more space especially in our bedrooms. This is a sanctuary to most homes, the one place where you can let loose. The first space you see when you wake up and the last you see when you close your eyes to sleep.

I wish I knew this earlier, but better late than never right?

Here is a perfect example of utilizing the small space you have and still having a cute and warm room for kids and teenagers.


Step 1

You would definitely want to have storage space and what a better place to have that than under your bed! All you need to do is get well-fitted drawers where you can store clothes that don’t need ironing. In the bottom drawer you can put all your shoes. Let the wardrobe store clothes that are prone to creasing.

Step 2

Mount well designed shelves on the wall to store books and toys. This will save you so much time because you will avoid clutter. Try painting the shelves a different shade of color other than that of the wall.

Step 3

Get a study table or a workstation in there. Avoid mixing your things. Keep your gadgets e.g. laptops, TV set here. Work from this space and as for the kids, they can do their homework from here.

Make The Best Out Of The Interior Design Of Small Spaces home-design-Loft-Bedroom-Ideas-with-Small-Spaces-4Step 4

Enjoy your space!!