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With the increasing trends in office and home partitioning, Jumbo Chem has hit the ground running with its revolutionary acoustic insulation partitioning materials that will keep rooms noise-free and ensure considerable cost-savings.

DRIVEN BY THE NEED TO PROVIDE QUALITY, cost-effective and practical products, Jumbo Chem Ltd, a Kenyan based company is upbeat in promoting its partitioning solution, Jumbolene® Acoustic Insulation.

Jumbolene® stands out as an efficient and trend-setting sound-blocking product that is transforming the state of home and office partitioning.

With the capacity to produce materials to client specification and within expedited lead times, the manufacturing company provides Jumbolene Acoustic Insulation in standard panels of either 50mm or 75mm in width. This ensures that material wastage is minimal per project as opposed to conventionally-used partitioning materials. However, client-specified thicknesses can also be produced per project needs.

Scales down costs

“In today’s volatile economic scenario where most activity in the construction industry has drastically increased, it is especially relevant to look at ways and means that scale down costs,” says Mr. Michael Bodo, General Manager, Jumbo Chem (K) Ltd.

“Partitioning offers up to 10 per cent reduction in the cost of building and re-configuring a house. That is why, through its superior acoustic properties and effective cost management, Jumbolene acoustic solution is set to revolutionise residential and commercial construction when it replaces the traditional concrete block masonry,” Bodo adds.

The erection of conventional partitions is labour-intensive, time-consuming and needs considerable preparatory work. It is thus more expensive in the long run. Further, it does not allow flexibility for changes during the life of the building. In order for electricians and plumbers to do their job, they have to chisel the wall to perforate it so as to bury cables and pipes, which is a time consuming task.

Superior acoustic properties

Jumbolene® Acoustic Insulation is a closed cell polyethylene foam used as a sandwich material in room partitioning and placed in-between gypsum or veneer boards. It can as well be used as an embodiment to existing walls. The use of the product provides superior acoustic properties and reduces considerably the noise between rooms and prevents noise from outside penetrating the office or home space.

The product additionally ensures that aesthetic needs of clients are met. The use of gypsum or veneer wood finishes enables colour coordination to match the mood, texture and other aesthetic needs required for a particular space.

Extended lifespan

Jumbolene acoustic insulation also has an extended lifespan of up to 40 years and retains its compressive strength throughout the period. This, unlike the commonly used rockwool or styrofoam materials which collapse over time, directly translates to long term cost savings through optimum sound-blocking performance and durability.

Jumbo Chem is further committed to complete customer satisfaction and offers a complete fit-out solution for our clients. “Through an experienced technical team, we are able to transform a shell into a re-configured living or working space by providing a total partitioning design and installation,” Bodo says.

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1 Comment

  1. kahure

    June 26, 2014 at 5:30 pm

    How much does Jumbolene cost per sqm? Supplied or fitted?

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