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Edition 14

Spaces we love



Life’s certainly interesting. The New Year 2015 marks yet another beginning of an interesting slate of spaces we create and style. The spaces; our homes, offices and hotels address needs and make the occupants comfortable or even uncomfortable. This indeed raises the questions; “What are the trends? Do we love the spaces occupy? Do we?”

Well, this edition – interestingly the New Look copy in a New Year – has highlights more on creativity and creative works on interiors. The innovative minds are expected to blow our minds in 2015 with solutions that we for long desired in spaces we love.

Bouquet of trendiness

For one, the obstacles that plague the spaces we live in, spaces we work from and entertain ourselves; have interesting solutions. These aspects squarely revolve around ample space, light and budget – the big three. They might look cheap but it’s only the passionate, inspired and talented minds who will embrace the 2015 and beyond bouquet of trendiness.

This copy explores a wide variety of furniture and furnishings, successfully styled-up rooms and never before published projects. By doing so, we hope to offer ideas that can be tweaked accordingly to a sliding scale of needs.

Big-ticket dream

Ideas and showrooms highlighted in this edition thus present worthwhile showcases. The plethora of new product lines, décor accessories, craft to behold and art to cherish stands to thrill you when you choose this year to venture out for the budget-conscious picks to big-ticket dream purchases.

Thrilled we are to also share insights about the thought provoking Ideal Interiors Expo 2015, themed: Transforming Places and Spaces! This annual industry event is one that anyone in the field of styling spaces cannot afford to miss. You miss it, you miss out.

For one, since the journey of the Ideal Interiors Expo begun in 2010, the pleasure of working with a great group of business leaders have helped transform the interiors marketplace. At the event that’s dedicated to bringing together interior design industry, architects and security professionals, homeowners and home developers, home-sellers and estate managers, hoteliers and procurement product specifiers remains upbeat.

It is humbling to see how the industry has embraced the trendy efforts and remain upbeat to new ideas and potential programs based on addressing the needs of the industry. From your input, we have identified several areas that you, our customers, have said we should focus while organizing the thought-provoking exhibitions and writing this publication.

Please continue to help us identify ways to support our manufacturing and retail industry sectors. Let us hear from you.

As a committed team of industry players, we’ll uphold areas of your interest. It is only then that we will continue to make a difference in the spaces we love.