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Spring up your sleep



SLUMBERLAND KENYA has stepped its quest to produce more relaxing and rejuvenating range of open spring mattresses as well as pocket spring mattresses lined to guarantee the users the good night’s sleep.

Spring mattressesThe effort to spring-up people’s sleep with high quality mattresses across the Eastern Africa region follows its continued pace of constantly keeping tabs and adopting new mattress technologies.

Uniqueness of spring-mattress machines, which the firm deployed recently borders on their capability to make firm mattress that also provide controlled compression where needed. This mattress flexibility allows the mattress to respond to the precise shape, weight, size and sleeping patterns of any typical body during sleep, says ManhorMediratta, the company’s Director.

Slumberland’s recent decision to expand the production line of mattresses compliments its advanced understanding of orthopedics. By investing into elaborate machinery that aims to produce the high quality mattresses, the company has deliberately taken charge to ensuring that users benefit from good skeletal and body support mechanisms from the precision of locally made spring mattresses.

“If you want to get a great night’s sleep, then you need a great mattress – this is exactly what Slumberland Mattresses is about”, says Mediratta, adding: “We want to ensure that you sleep soundly, enjoy a high level of comfort and get the right amount of support”.

Value for money

Open Spring mattresses represent fantastic value for money as it comes in a range of different comfort levels and sizes. According to Mediratta, these comfort levels range from Orthopaedic through to softer feel mattresses that guarantees quality sleep. Among other features that stand-out on open spring mattresses include their range of comfort grades, soft and deep fillings and hypo-allergenic options.

The orthopedic spring mattresses lined for high volume production by Slumberland are largely being appreciated by the hotelier market. The mattresses are also gaining popularity in homes as they offer firm support to the back and can be combined with one or more layers of foams to offer softness and greater levels of comfort.

Desired comfort

Pocket sprung mattresses of which Slumberland will also be making comprise of coils that support bed-time desired comfort. Its guide to quality primarily depends on a higher coil count means that the springs will have a smaller diameter (and there will be more of them) and the mattress will probably not feel quite as firm.

The pocket spring mattresses have since its innovation been appreciated for its nostalgic comfort. They have springs that work independently and provide support and cushion the partners from rolling and disturbing their sleep. Known for their superb support and comfort, the pocket spring mattresses have high quality individual springs and are ideal on shared beds.

The gauge or thickness of the coils also affects the firmness of the mattress. The heavier the gauge: the stiffer the mattress and the lighter the gauge; the springier the mattress. The choice of which is best is always down to personal choice and any medical advice (if there is a specific condition that is being treated) notes Mediratta stressing that everyone should aim to spring-up their sleep.