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Edition 18

Styling for worth



Dreams are certainly with us. There comes a time that one has to create a dreamy space. Yes, whether moving or not from that space. In this edition, we push and deliberately vouch for the need of staging spaces we live in or entertain from and perhaps work from creatively. Being the extraordinaire spices the place we call home or even the house one earmarks to earn from worthwhile returns on investment. Space staging is certainly becoming the name of the game. In this regard, imagine that you are seeing your home for the first time. How does it compare to the other houses in your neighborhood? What jumps out at you? Is your first impression negative or positive?For one, every little thing that is wrong with your house will be noticed by home buyers, who only want the most value for their money.Ideal Interiors firmly hold the thought that sellers of a home should try to see the home they are selling with buyer’s eyes. This can be hard, because after living among clutter for a while, home owners tend to filter it out. Nonetheless, it is important to begin observation from outside, possibly from the roadside. What can you do to make a better first impression? We hold the view that depersonalizing a home that one wants to sell is the way to go. If you’re having a hard time being objective, ask a neighbor or friend to help you out. But as you do this, don’t be offended when they offer their opinion. Remember, your ultimate goal is to sell your house fast and for more money!It is extremely important to note that depersonalizing your home too much especially when you have lined it for sale can make it appear cold and unfriendly. The sterile environment isn’t inviting, and some buyers may have difficulty seeing the purpose of an empty room.In addition, unfurnished rooms cause that unpleasant echo-chamber effect that occurs when sounds are amplified by bouncing around an empty space.Typically, when you accessorize your home, you decorate according to your personal style and taste. But when staging your home for sale, your personality shouldn’t stand out and take center stage. Don’t be offended – not everyone will share your taste, even if it’s great. All that’s extremely important is to go for styling that will beckon the buyer’s commitment. Enjoy the read as you stage style. Will you?