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Tapping Distinction



Creating a perfect bathroom ambience calls for one to pay attention to the smallest details writes Hilda Odhiambo.

Taps 3Rarely have bathrooms been held in higher regard as they are today. Often referred to as the epitome of serenity, today’s bathrooms exude the meeting point of personality and desired luxury. No longer used for just basic hygiene, today’s bathroom is a space where one spends hours relaxing and unwinding after a stressful day. As such the basic elements used to design and shape the character of the bathroom are more dynamic than ever before.

Ideally, it is at the bathroom that the user or owner gets a chance to rejuvenate after strenuous day. It is also at this same room that refreshing day starts.

Since the rest of the home has progressed and adapted to technology and trends, so too are the bathrooms. The rooms are dramatically evolving. With more to offer, bathrooms have definite charm of the personal touch – for indeed life that is pleasant and memorable start from the bathroom.  Within these rooms are styles to behold, fittings and accessories that wow the imagination that explains the endless beauty that should indeed surround one while in a bathroom.

The bathroom tap is no exception when it comes to change. Aside from being available in a variety of designs, the sleek modern tap of today has also succumbed to technology’s progression.

Water saving feature

Taps 2Fully automated with sensors that indicate when someone is nearby, some of today’s taps have the ability to switch without people having to touch them, therefore improving hygiene. Taps have taken on the eco challenge and have now become a water saving feature as well.

Technology has made it so that there are taps available that restrict the rate of flow, allowing the reduction of water consumption without negating on design. “Reducing water consumption,” explains Anish Doshi – director at Ideal Ceramics, “means less water to be heated for perfect shower or for a comfortable wash basin temperature. Water savings generate energy savings, which result in substantial cost savings for both sources.

Aerated spouts are also a new addition to some contemporary bathrooms. These taps ingeniously mix air and water by using a screen and restrictor, which improves water pressure while limiting water flow. Anti-scald protection features in taps are increasing in popularity as well. These regulate temperatures in the tap to avoid scorching temperatures.

Taps have evolved

Tapping Distinction 1The great thing about where society has evolved to today means that an upgrade in technology doesn’t necessarily mean a compromise in design. From originally being more liner in appearance, taps have evolved into a more free-flowing and visually-pleasing style. The aesthetics of such are of vital importance as taps are the elements that tie the composition of the room together – whether you decide in a design that complements the rest of your room or one that creates an interesting contrast, you’ll be guaranteed to find an option that suits your style and needs.

The choice of where you place your tap has significant effect on the overall look of the bathroom. From well mounted (attached to the wall, reaching over the sink and ideal for a minimalist bathroom design), to single hole, widespread handles (just as the name indicates, these taps contain separate hot and cold handles) or centerpiece options.

Whatever your choice of fixture, whatever your ideal position, the bathroom tap should never be overlooked – it is the finishing touch to this space.