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The Expo Check List

Event Check List

In the lead-up to the any Ideal Interiors Expo, the Ideal Interiors event management team is pleased to share with you a checklist worth taking account of, prior to your participation at the event.

The checklist purposely aims to offer you guidance in the overall planning and subsequent monitoring of your intended effective participation at the exhibition.

In consideration that we’re hosting this event annually, we wish to help you:-

  • Maximize your Company’s participation at the Expo
  • Improve the design and set-up of your display.
  • Choose and effectively train your staff / representatives
  • Meet with more clients and prospects at the expo
  • Follow up more profitably after the five-day exhibition.

At this juncture, allow us to stress the need for you to empower your sales team, marketing and communications departments and other relevant representatives with tools that will make your presence at the expo valuable.

We’ll appreciate you contacting us with your questions or ideas on how we can help you be more successful at this immediate event and the subsequent ones.

Twelve Essential Questions

Companies are about persons , visions and deliverables. In this regard, selection of staff to represent your company at the expo is the single most important factor in your exhibiting success. They are your ambassadors. It is impossible to stress enough how crucial your team is to your overall success. To ensure a top notch performance, prepare your booth team way in advance and while doing so ask yourself:-

  1. How many people are needed to staff the booth?Variables to consider:How big is your exhibit? How long is the show? Will you need employees to give product demonstrations? What about a hospitality suite? Ensure you have enough staffing so your booth is manned at all times, while giving your team a break every four to six hours. No one can and should be “on” for 12 hours at a time.
  2. Who are the best people to represent the organization?The business of Interiors is about people’s passion. Therefore, being at Ideal Interiors Expo requires a unique mix of skills. You want employees with excellent product knowledge, superlative people skills, killer sales instincts and a warm, engaging personality. These people should be motivated self-starters, able to think on their feet and work with little or no direction.
  3. Have you organized staff training?To ensure success, prepare your team with all the skills and tools they need. Training should cover essentials like assessing visitor types, asking qualifying questions, handling difficult attendees, lead generation and follow-up.
  4. Have you scheduled an in-house pre-expo meeting?Pre-expo meetings ensure that your team understands their goals, objectives and expected duties and are adequately equipped to handle any unexpected surprises. Use this time to clarify areas of confusion and to address any staff concern.
  5. Is your team familiar with the products or services being displayed?To sell products effectively, you need to have thorough, complete product knowledge. Too many times, organizations send out rookie employees who possess only rudimentary knowledge in relation to the company and products on display. This is frustrating for attendees/visitors; they won’t come back to find another employee who might have an answer – they’ll go to the competition instead.
  6. Have you arranged for a practice demonstration session?Never assume that your employees know how to use the products they sell. It is entirely possible that they are not completely familiar with every feature, especially if you are introducing a new product. Take the time to thoroughly train your team, and have them practice demonstrating the product to become familiar with the expo-floor routine.
  7. Will a technical representative be available to answer questions?Depending on your product/service line, it may be entirely appropriate to send a technical representative to handle specific product questions. Train this person and make sure this rep is aware of the possibility of expo espionage and won’t share too much information.
  8. Have you established a dress code?Well before you arrive at the event, make sure your booth staff is clear about the expected mode of dress. Unless uniforms are appropriate for your company, be specific about what you want your team to wear. “Casual business” gives far too much leeway. Instead, spell it out: e.g., “black trousers or skirt, white shirt, black blazer, red tie.”
  9. Have all booth personnel ordered exhibitor badges?Everyone on your team needs a badge to enter the expo floor, access hospitality areas and move freely about. Order these badges well ahead of time, so that any errors or omissions can be remedied in a timely fashion.
  10. Does your team have enough business cards?It is amazing how many business cards you can hand out during the course of one expo. Make sure your team is adequately prepared.
  11. Have you planned a booth schedule?A complete schedule will cover every moment of the show, from arrival to departure. On your duty roster, note who will be staffing the booth and when. Also include break times and assign responsibilities. It may be a good idea to build “check-in” time into the schedule, so sales people managing the booth can check messages at the home office and make needed phone calls. This will alleviate a great deal of staff anxiety.
  12. Who will oversee booth installation and dismantling?Often overlooked, these two jobs can quickly become logistic nightmares if no one is prepared to handle them. Delegate two people to this detail. Many show organizers provide this service for a fee, but you may still want to have staff members on hand to supervise.

What NOT to do

The ideal Interiors Expo discourages the last-minute engagement of decorators who usually run-around with draperies. Simply put, such draping decorators lower the standard of the stalls as well as the show in general.


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1 Comment

  1. Elizabeth Kuria

    March 3, 2014 at 3:38 pm

    Hello, I really need to come to the exhibition this March. Could you give me a free ticket please? would really appreciate. Thankyou

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