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2012 Expo




Showcasing the finest interiors in the region

What’s new? What’s better and what works in the world of aesthetics has set the pace of a rare shopping experience among exhibitors and visitors with the ignition to another imagination for stylish spaces, writes Hilda ODHIAMBO focusing on the East Africa’s 3rd Ideal Interiors Expo.

FOR THE THIRD YEAR RUNNING, visitors at the Ideal Interiors Expo will have the chance to directly engage with who-is-who in the world of inspiring innovations for spaces within homes, hotels and offices. 

Sponsored jointly by Ideal Standard and Ideal Ceramics for the first time, the five-day-event brings together exhibitors ranging from world’s reputed top brand suppliers of sanitary ware, door-locks and security systems, flooring materials, wall surfacing products, furniture and furnishings as well as teams of interior design professionals.

Treasure trove of ideas

The expo that’s rapidly become a treasure trove of ideas and styles that reflect myriad design options aims to offer thousands of decisive buyers; worthwhile solutions to upgrade and uphold value of their spaces.

It is one rare expo that would never have come into being were it not for the understanding of Real Wealth – the expo organizers-cum-managers – of the challenges that customers undergo while yearning to design and actualize awesome dwellings, stylish work areas and friendlier recreational spots with conferencing facilities.

Effectively, the expo; largely driven by interiors industry players aims to share with the now growing number of clients appreciating the essence of interiors at varied formal and informal spaces. These are highly decisive buyers with the budgets. They yearn for bespoke collections, aesthetically appealing, technologically advanced and sustainably sound breed of creative interiors.

Functionality and comfort

Themed “Celebrating Your Space”, the exhibitors – largely engaged in the field of interior design – will offer solutions to spaces, whilst keeping in mind functionality and comfort that reflects the clients’ identity.

The visitors expect to engage with interior experts who’ll provide them with design consultancy for interior spaces. Such spaces include: Residential Interior Designing, Corporate Office Interior Designing, Showroom Interior Designing, Healthcare Interior Designing, Hospitality and other Commercial Space Interior Designing.

Of importance to the decisive buyers at the expo will be the question of offers and warranties on products. Friendlier budgetary components that do not compromise on aesthetics are expected to win the hearts of the often detailed and choosy decisive-makers touring the expo.

Visitors at the 3rd Ideal Interiors Expo will out-rightly be spoilt for choices. Competitive displays of Bathrooms, Bath fittings and shower systems, appealing kitchens, furniture and furnishings, Lighting, Light fixtures and switches, Paint shades and paintings, varied wall surfacing effects plus arte-facts and pictures will generate considerable attention.

Other areas of valuable attraction for the guests at the expo has been the last-mile hardware products that include, door-locks, windows and door handles, flooring materials, sanitary-ware and glass-ware.

In an effort to get started or improve your projects we share with you insights of actualizing the varied spaces as narrated by some of the exhibitors. All the exhibitors noted that they were keen to exhibit at the Village Market, which has played host to this expo since its inception because the visitors are decisive and get to do their homework with diligence before committing on any project.

Here’s a glimpse of the exhibitors who talked to us before we proceeded to press:-