The Inspiring Samadari

The Inspiring Samadari

The recent launch of Garden & Patio, a flagship of thought provoking outdoor furniture stirs one to appreciate the depth of bespoke furniture design and talents behind it all. 
Garden & Patio is Samadari’s franchise in Nairobi by the scions, Rakesh Shah and Vishaal Shah, of industrial entrepreneur Chandrakant Shah; also known as CP of the famous Vitafoam Industries. 
Rakesh stands out as the driving force behind the establishment of Garden & Patio’s formation. Reputed for humble beginnings in the heart of Kenya’s coastal town of Lamu, Samadari has since its inception in 2003 walked the journey of precision of delivering quality and style to discerning clients ranging from corporate establishments to individuals moved by creative works. 
The recent launch of Garden & Patio store in Nairobi along Mombasa Road, depicted the worthy response to clients who over the years could only find the best of Samadari in the Kenyan Coastal town. The response to the growing client demand defines yet another moment of scaling design to another worthwhile crescendo as Nairobi stamps its authority as the hub for middle class and wealthy décor clientele. 
It is hoped that Samadari’s entry into the mix of creativity at the hub of décor clientele yearning for rare tastes will heighten the momentum of customers getting the best at a closer market spot. 
Samadari inspired by Italian clientele in Malindi and Watamu during its formative years largely specialized in Swahili furniture. As trends changed Samadari evolved into creating more modern pieces that has since endeared diverse cultures.
Samadari has been able to excel in its core activity due to the excellent craftsmanship of its dedicated team of artisans Led by its head of carpentry division, Mr. Jones Mumbi. 
Ranked second 
During the 2006 DANIDA Appraisal of furniture manufacturers countrywide Samadari was ranked second in the country. This recognition was an eye opener and major contracts followed thereafter which made Samadari into a household name in the Kenyan coast especially and later on countrywide. 
Samadari’s furniture and Décor has graced homes and hospitality institutions from Lamu’s Peponi hotel, plush homes and villas at the Vipingo Ridge, penthouses on the Mombasa island amongst various other luxurious properties.
The shear variety of different exotic hardwoods, in fact Samadari stocks 16 different types, has led to a wide array of fine artistic furniture pieces to be manufactured. Samadari has been actively involved in Agro-forestry to keep its business environmentally sustainable and responsible and has planted in excess of 24,000 trees in the past 11 years. 
Further evolvement
In the year 2011, Samadari started its famous range of decorative concrete products most importantly its exquisite range of modern concrete Planters. This new line of products which were unique to the Kenyan market has further enhanced Samadari’s reputation as a design house specializing in outdoor décor. It was now possible for clients to have a one stop destination for not only indoor furniture but as well outdoor landscape products.
Concrete planters were followed by coral stone tiling and cladding which were runaway successes. 
During 2015 Samadari started its range of mixed media, hardwood and concrete benches, planters and ornamental Garden Lighting. This led to recognition from landscape Architects and Designers.
Wits behind Samadari 
Samadari is the brain child of Mr. Sayed Azhar Kadri, Founder and CEO, who has passionately built a tradition of a fine balance between design and manufacturing aspects of its beautiful products. No task is unequal to the challenge at hand. The result has been a satisfying journey to owning perhaps the most beautiful Furniture and Decor showroom in the Kenya.
On this journey he has been ably assisted by his friend and Director of Finance, Mr. Tushar Shah. In fact Mr. Kadri emphasizes that the growth of Samadari could not have come faster and stronger without the input of Mr. Shah’s fine caliber and circumspect financial acumen. 
Samadari has also been fortunate that Mr. Sayed Salahuddin Kadri was able to sacrifice a budding career in the ICT industry and follow his Father’s footsteps. This step has led to new energy being dissipated into the Samadari culture of fine craftsmanship to be passed on to the next generation. And to further strengthen this above Samadari now welcomes back its lead designer Sanaa Kadri back into its fold. Sanaa is a qualified interior Designer aspiring to 
Accelerated Growth
To be able to take its concrete decorative products closer to its clientele Samadari decided to enter into franchising agreements with like minded organizations and has been able to establish a number of Garden centers across the country after Malindi and Mombasa, Nairobi being the latest addition.
Garden & Patio
Garden & Patio is Samadari’s franchisee in Nairobi. It is owned by the scions, Rakesh and Vishaal, of industrial entrepreneur Chandrakant Shah. Also known as CP of the famous Vitafoam Industries. Rakesh Shah is the driving force behind Garden and Patio’s formation.
Rakesh has long wanted to establish a foothold in the Design industry. This first step of opening a garden centre on Mombasa Road next to panari hotel has been a dream come true. He brings his vital experience in the FMCG industry to the fore and has now lent a strong and able hand for both companies to chart their success and stamp their names on the design industry.
In fact Samadari’s board has unanimously hailed Rakesh’s involvement and subsequent establishing of the Garden Centre.
Samadari’s CEO Mr. Kadri intimated that we could not have found a better partner than Mr. Rakesh of Garden & Patio.
Vishaal Shah will be playing a supporting role as Garden & patio will look to establish themselves as a force within the landscape Industry in Kenya.
With the launch of Garden & Patios flagship store on Mombasa road, Increasingly becoming the hub for Nairobi’s middle class and wealthy decor clientele, it is hoped that Samadari would have achieved its goal of bringing its products ever closer to the customer.

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