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The rich value of garden and mini trampoline



Today, more and more hotels and homes are bringing recreation and fitness into their own backyard. This is evident that Kenyans have started realizing the immense benefits of joining the fastest moving recreation and fitness trend in Europe and the US – Trampolining!

NASA scientists have discovered that rebounding is 68% more effective as a form of exercise compared to jogging even though one requires less effort. It is just as effective in improving upper and lower body strength as lifting weights at the gym. It is safer considering the damages one would incur when lifting weights such as torn muscles. Rebounding also proves a better sport than swimming which is an all-round sport.

Truth be told, not many people enjoy a jog or a run in the morning. The main demerit of jogging is the amount of stress exerted on the lower limbs and the feet. The jogging increases the pressure on the feet up to four times the weight of the jogger meaning that a person weighing 150 pounds exerts 600 pounds of pressure on the lower limbs and other joints where the weight would be felt.

Using the trampoline takes off almost 80% of the body weight thus reducing the pressure on the joints. The trampoline is not only suitable for children but for the elderly who would normally lead a sedentary life with no strenuous activity. It provides a safe option for the physically challenged and for those who have recently started engaging in physical activity.

Children who use trampoline in Kenya are more likely to achieve better coordination and balance during the play session. The activity involved is simple and also makes them more active which makes the trampoline a better choice than other play activities like cycling.

A trampoline is a better option when different aspects are put into consideration. They are a fun recreation activity and at the same time a fitness tool compared to the television or the computer which do not entail much physical activity. The trampoline promotes interaction between family members while simultaneously achieving general well-being of each person.

Above all, rebounding is fun, interactive and enjoyable. These two attributes enable more people to try it and at a higher frequency. This way they get maximum benefits from the trampoline. It is a holistic approach to both physical and mental growth for children and adults. It has been recommended due to its efficiency as a form of exercise and its convenience compared to other ground based exercises such as running.

Mr. George Irungu, one of the directors of thrifty Enterprises that supplies German Hudora Trampolines in Kenya, advises prospective customers to ensure they consider the brand of the product, the warranty provided and whether the trampoline company has the capacity to provide after-sale services. If you purchase a trampoline from a shop or an individual who cannot supply worn-out fittings when needed, then that may force you to buy another whole trampoline after some time. For safety, a bigger trampoline with safety enclosure is always recommended. More bouncing space ensures your child will be within the bouncing mat all the time.