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Edition 12

Timely for the times



Happy commemoration! Ideal Interiors, the region’s sole inspirational quarterly magazine for styling places and spaces, has turned five. Faces behind it blow and glow our minds with ideas we surely need.

The quarterly publication was squarely an idea developed by exhibitors at the premier Ideal Interiors Expo hosted at the Village Market, Nairobi in 2010 during the premier Ideal Interiors Expo – Gala Awards Ceremony.

There is no doubt that production of the copy was opportune. There was a strong desire to reference a refreshing content. The five consecutive years of publishing bring the smile we need. And to all readers, that smile tells a celebratory tale of a publication so timely for the times.

I am honoured to have toiled with a team of dedicated editors, contributors, creative graphic designers, interior designers and marketing team leaders who continue to engage with our profound advertisers. We thank you all for the unreserved support. We further salute all our well informed sources. You studied our quest and believed in our humble beginnings in actualizing this publication. The publication idea, which may have been mooted so casually half a decade ago has…alas blossomed so fast. Or should I say…Time flies!

While it hasn’t always been easy in publishing Ideal Interiors, it’s all been worth it. All of us yearning for appealing aesthetics have a reason to invest in this copy. We’ve been consistent, transparent and strong throughout the last five years. For this reason I’m excited to once again be part of the team that’s launching the next steps of Ideal Interiors.

Milestones of the past five years include growing the pagination of the quarterly edition, redesigning the publication to a larger size and wider format; growing circulation; re-launching our website; continuously; launching the Ideal Interiors industry awards; and constantly evolving editorial content to meet the needs of our readers.

Together, I foresee talents within this region traversing beyond our geo-borders to claim our space of bettering spaces in places that want a face. Dazed? You’ll be amazed!

Watch the trends! Watch the times!

Humphrey Odhiambo