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Tired tyres reincarnated to function!









When his client called to discuss a coffee table,Sam Mingaine,the director of Fabulous Interiors Kenya sat through the appointment and realized the client budget was tricky. As the chat progressed, Sam’s creator streak was piqued. He remembered he had seen used car tyres at the entry to the house where the meeting was.

And on a whim that only a hands on designer can pull off,he suggested to turn those tyres into the coffee table his client wanted. You see, Sam’s goals in interior decor include recycling previous otherwise items to make furniture.

His client was sold! So Sam got to work. ” I cleaned the tyres, let them dry then painted them in the client choice of color.I then bought 3 rotating wheels which are attached to a board, cut in the exact dimension of the ridge on the tyre. The board is then stuck to the bottom of the tire with industrial glue, next I bought a glass top with dimensions to fit the ridge and sanded the edges. In this case the client wanted blacked out glass, so one side is painted black. And voila! recycled tyre coffee tables.”

And the picture speaks for itself!