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Touch of glass



Frameless glass shower enclosures often create a perfect detail of desired design and attractive focal point in a bathroom writes George Irungu denoting on the timely fashion.

Bathroom designs are complimented by a moderate concepts plus seamless, uncomplicated makeover that is tinged by glass. Frameless shower in this regard makes a major difference; and hence an ideal bathing-space solution. Usually, frameless shower enclosures differ from the more conventional framed showers as they are exclusively manufactured from glass panels without the use of any metal framework. You’ll realize that the bathroom is probably the most used area within a normal family household and the importance of keeping it clean and tidy cannot be over emphasized. The frameless shower enclosure cannot only offer a pleasing and conceptual addition to the bathroom, it is also extremely easy to keep clean, ensuring your family’s bathing and showering is done in an environment that is not only relaxing, but also a safe and free of any germs.

Stay sparkling

glass in the bathroomWith the frameless shower enclosures, there are fewer hard-to-reach corners where grime and mildew can build up, and it’s very easy to make sure the whole unit stays sparkling long after installation. Evidently, the frameless shower enclosure can be a very attractive focal point to your bathroom with the added benefit of giving the illusion of more space. Because it’s made of glass, it gives you an impression that the entire bathroom has expanded—yes, the same kind of illusion provided by mirrors.

The better part of the Eastern Africa market provides glass panels that are plain, patterned or even colored. The flexibility of the frameless shower enclosure ensures that it will fit seamlessly into any bathroom no matter what its décor is like. Some homeowners will have the panels etched, with their favorite patterns or best football team or pop band etc. The only limitation to the shower enclosures concept and design is the homeowner’s imagination and budget.

Keeping natural light Thola Touch of glass 4

A frameless shower enclosure always denotes timely fashion. It makes any space modern yet classic at the same time. The clear glass panels help in keeping natural light in the bathroom and reduce the empty and bare look generally characteristic of a bathroom. You’ll realize that a clear glass shower enclosure in the corner of small bathroom make the room look spacious and actually saves space. If you want to show your bathroom tiles design, the glass shower enclosure is perfect for that.

Glass shower enclosures come in various designs and sizes in the local market. You could order for a sliding door shower enclosure, swing door shower enclosure, corner shower enclosure, quadrant shower enclosure, or cubical shower enclosure. If a person wants to experience a private showering experience without feeling of getting exposed, then he or she can opt for frosted/sandblasted glass enclosures. Today, people are using shower enclosure in their bathroom to add elegance and value; to create a feeling of openness and spaciousness, and enhance an environment of relaxation. For anyone who is unhappy with their current bathroom, just changing the shower for something newer can make all the difference. However, it is imperative that you seek for professionals to ensure the installation and the end product meets your desired expectations.