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Trail blazing with GLASS PANELS



Design of frameless glass panels in office spaces is rapidly gaining the credence it deserves considering flexibility the product offers when it comes to aesthetical appeal writes George Irungu.

Today, there are so many options for office partitioning. Re-locatable, aluminium, stud and composite partitions are just some of the options in the market.

However, if you are really after top notch quality and elegant style, you might want to consider using glass panels. Glass is a building material indispensable in modern offices. If you visit some of the most sophisticated offices today, some sort of glass partitions and office accessories are incorporated. They are a reflection of the true meaning of aesthetics.

There is always something about glass that screams elegance and style. If only for sheer aesthetic benefits, you should consider using glass as partition walls particularly in office spaces.

Great in giving

Frameless glass panels are great in giving an illusion of more space. Closed board panels can be a bit constricting. It does its work in ensuring privacy in cubicles but does not promote the usually preferred airy and light in the room.

Quite a number of people are against the idea of having glass partition since they believe such a partition will put employees in full view of everyone else. If that is your predicament, then opting for well-designed frosted glass partitions will allow maximum privacy that employees prefer. Such glass partitioning shall at the same time allow ample light that’s definitely desired in a room.

Natural lighting

Another benefit to using glass office partition is the way it literally lights up the whole space. A lot of offices are located in areas where tall buildings tend to cast a dark shadow over them. This can make the room look dark even during the day. These offices resort to using their lighting fixtures during the day. This kind of work ambience is really not conducive. It increases office space temperature and gives a depressing vibe.

Natural light is the best way to go. You cannot imagine how beneficial natural lighting can be when it comes to promoting productivity. It energizes workers and keeps them motivated ensuring that they do not feel alienated.

Every style and décor

Glass is also a suitable material. If you are going for natural and eco-friendly building methods, this material should work well. Frosted glass office partitions are fortunate enough to suit almost every style and décor that could be found in your workplace. Whether your office is leaning towards the old and outdated or has just been renovated with the most up to date fittings, frosted glass partition will be able to really tie the look together.

It is also possible to have the frosting precut with designs, logos and signs, helping to add that extra creative flair to your workplace. Thola Glass Company located in Nairobi along Mombasa Road is one such organization that provides a solvent-based protective coating for clear and frosted glass. This special coating is a water and oil-repellent layer on the glass surface, which also acts as a barrier against lime-scale. It protects glass surfaces that are regularly exposed to water, prevents the build-up of limescale and keeps glass in brilliant condition, looking like new.


 George Irungu is the managing director of Thola Glass, an organization that has cut detailed and enviable niche in frameless glass partitioning in Kenya.

Edition 08

Build your own wine rack



Kenyans would like to believe that they can one day feature in a Hollywood movie. Looking back at all those romantic movies, a bottle of wine plays a significant role.  Some of us know that the older wine gets the better it tastes, let alone how much a good bottle of wine costs now days.

Kenyans can spend up to seven thousand shillings a bottle on a good bottle of wine of the self, but many of are unaware of how important it is to store wine and more important how to store wine elegantly.

“Storage is an important consideration for wine that is being kept for long-term aging. While most wine is consumed within 24 hours of purchase, fine wines are often set aside for long-term storage. (T. Stevenson “The Sotheby’s Wine Encyclopedia” pg 46 Dorling Kindersley 2005).

Wine is one of the few commodities that can improve with age but it can also rapidly deteriorate if kept in inadequate conditions. The three factors that have the most direct impact on a wine’s condition are light, humidity and temperature. A fourth consideration can be security for expensive wines. Historically the storage of wine was handled by wine merchants but since the mid-20th century consumers have been increasingly storing their own wine in home-based wine cellars (”

What we are going to show you today is how to simply construct a wine rack at home.


All you will need some timber, a wood working hand saw, a hammer, a measuring tool and a pencil.

Step 1

Determine the size of the wine rack. Some wine racks can fit on a kitchen counter which can come in handy when cooking or hanging out in the kitchen or can be fitted in a home bar usually set aside in a specified point of the living room. Feel free to go as big as you want depending on the size of the bar or kitchen top.

As you get into the design, make sure the wine rack holds the bottles horizontally as this ideally keeps the cork wet and keeps debris out of the neck of the bottle.  You want your wine bottles to always look clean and presentable.  A horizontal bottle also adds a classic look to the wine rack

Step 2

Determine how many bottles you plan to store. There are two different ways store wine bottles: in a diamond shaped slot or a flat box like slot.  In this design, we will work with the diamond shaped slot.  While working with two boards, cut out the ridges that will hold the wine rack together.  Make sure the ridges are precise and to detail so as to avoid having a wobbly rack.


Step 3

When done with the ridges fit the two timber boards together and bind with wood glue.  Leave to stand for a few hours so that the two pieces can stick together well.  Allow it to dry and then file the edges to achieve a smooth finish then paint the surface.  Finish off the job with a quality wood polish.

There, you have your own wine rack, built proudly by you for display to all your guests


1) Have fun with the project. Design a unique wine rack that will make your friends envious.

2) If you cannot think of a simple yet creative design, buy a wine rack kit available from most hardware stores. There are many designs to choose from and you are still building your own rack.

3) Add slots for wine glasses to save more space.

4) When building slots to hold multiple bottles, make sure your slots, along with the rack itself, are able to sup                  port the weight of full bottles.


Written with guidance from VirPanesar. Pictures courtesy of Panesars Furniture

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Comfortable living visionalized



Nairobi is now among the most promising investment hubs in the world and Eng. Adnan Saffarini office – Africa is at the forefront of making the most of this investment opportunity through the design and conceptualization of luxurious villas in the urban vicinity.

Africa is at the forefront of making the most of this investment opportunity through the design and conceptualization of luxurious villas in the urban vicinity.

Eng. Adnan Saffarini is a well known name in the Middle East for the architectural standards the firm has set in the design of various developments.  From concept to maturity, Eng. Adnan Saffarini office – Africa takes into consideration the unique aspects of a development and fuses this with personal preference of the property owner through detailed supervision.

Though mostly identified with the design of commercial spaces, the firm also has a wide array of luxurious and lavish homeconcepts for the buyer who is looking for a home that befits the comforts of a hotel.  All the home villas conceptualized by Eng. Adnan Saffarini office – Africa have this distinct aura of wealth and opulence.  A villa can pass for a boutique hotel anytime. Eng. Adnan Saffarini office – Africa maintains the attitude of changing perceptions of property developers and owners.

The architectural and design consultancy is the brains behind some of the world renowned complexes like the “Champions Towers” in Dubai, which is already drawing in great reviews from world champions who are looking to invest in these villas in the heart of the Middle East country.

It is with this in mind that the Africa office has ventured into the East and Central African Regional market with intent to focus on enhancing the building philosophy of architects and developers.  All the concepts drawn up by Eng. Adnan Saffarini office – Africa while being sustainable and realistic are also designed to incorporate comfort, luxury and appeal to  middle and high net worth individuals who appreciate villa concepts that are detailed and elaborate.

A unique aspect of the properties is the fact that every accessory is as unique as the owner.  According to the Regional Director of the Africa office, Mr.MahadMohamudKarani, the office has consultants who are able to design any kind of accessory to suit any preference.  He also continues to state that the firm creates design concepts for homes that take every little detail into consideration, like safety, quality, and privacy.  Features that are normally ignored like walkways and stairways are major concerns for Eng. Adnan Saffarini office – Africa, thus the attention to detail that is noticeable in every design.

Conceptualizing villas with classical elements that stand the test of time and based on strong features, the architectural firm can boast of a wealth of experience in the model of out of conventional villas and homes.  In every design done, true classical elements are considered within designs which heavily rely on the energy efficiency.

Villa concepts designed and supervised by the consultancy in the resort centers’ of Middle east are designed to give one an exceptional feel that guarantees the comfort and feel of a five star hotel while still maintaining the feel of home.  In Kenya, the concepts will be centered on home owners who are looking for either short or long term stays.

As personalized and unique as the developments are, the spacious villas will be built in areas of client choice thus bringing luxury and comfort to the clients door step. These villas are fully furnished and equipped with all the contemporary facilities of general use like connections of Cable TV, telephone and active broadband internet; garage, car parking, swimming pool and modern kitchens, so that all a buyer needs is just move in and enjoy the luxuries.

Because of Kenya’s remarkable growth in the real estate sector and considerable returns on investments, the new concept of villas has become greater attraction for investors from all over the world.

Eng. Adnan Saffarini office – Africa, in addition exacting magnificent standards, does just  not design residences, Saffarini sells lifestyles.

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Oasis in your backyard



While every home has a specific taste and style, most backyards rarely reflect the home.  While the interiors are usually spick and span, the exteriors are usually an eye sore.  As you look through your terrace doors or window, does the landscaping in your backyard make you cringe?  We, there is a way to make your outdoor living space as inviting as your indoors.

In this fast paced world where we are faced with all kinds of challenges every day, it is important to have a soothing and relaxing place to go to. Imagine coming home from a tiring day at work and sitting out in your backyard to the soothing sounds of water flowing in the fountains.  While you are sitting out here, your eyes are enjoying the beautiful scenery of greenery, flowers and exquisite garden statues.  This instantly relaxes you and changes your mood.

 Water fountains

If you have a backyard or a large garden and you do not know how to bring life into this space, why don’t you opt to install a water fountain in the garden?  Or better still; add a few garden statues that reflect your personality.  These exterior décor aesthetics will do a lot to soothe and stir the senses.  Installing these aesthetics is very easy, straightforward and economical. Take advantage of your outdoor space by installing these unique and beautiful pieces of décor.

When you decide to install a water fountain, you have to take into consideration the size of your garden.  You do not want to have a fountain in a small space.  If you have a small backyard, look for a small fountain or better yet, opt to have only garden statues which come incorporated with little fountains.

Make sure there is no contact between water and the electricity.  When using electrical cords, make sure they are buried and install the switch out of a child’s reach. You can also opt to have solar powered fountains that will save you on electricity costs.

Install statues

Garden statues are another great addition to your outdoors.  Place them in strategic corners of the garden.  Remember to install statues that are a reflection of your personality and inspire you.  Take time to shop around and you will get statues that will bring out the best features of your garden.

One can choose from a wide range of statues that include; wild animals, flower pots and garden lights.  Garden statues add to the aura of a peaceful sanctuary by complimenting the water fountains, greenery and beautiful flora in your garden. Décor items in your exterior add an aesthetic appeal and create a feeling of luxurious relaxation.

Add a few garden statues that reflect your personality.  These exterior décor aesthetics which are very straightforward, economical and easy to install will do a lot to soothe and stir the senses.  Take advantage of your outdoor space by installing these unique and beautiful features.

A garden statue can also serve as a bird feeder and come in different designs and materials. For example a terracotta bowl statue can be used for decoration and bird feeder.

 Plant exotic plants

Most homes are separated by grey walls or the all too common green fence.  I for sure do want to look at stones or the neighbours backyards when I sit out in my backyard – I am sure you do not want to either.  So here is an idea – plant lush layers of exotic plants that are pleasant to look at and plant towering shade trees to line the walls of your backyard.

Shrubs, flowers and grass provide a colourful and relaxing environment.  Remember, light affects the impact of flower colours outdoors, as you will notice when you take a stroll in the evening.  When siting any plant, check whether it needs full sunlight, tolerates shade or does well away from direct sunlight.  Leaf variegation is mostly pronounced in good light, as shade stimulates more greencolouration. To add a personal touch to your backyard, why not create a garden where you can plant herbs and basic kitchen ingredients.

Terrace the furniture

The outside impression of your home is synonymous with the first impression you make of your home.  When guests walk into your home, they should be mesmerized by the beauty of your exterior. Wherever it is that you live, be it a flat, apartment, estate or a bungalow, the first thing people see when they come to your home is the entrance. It may be hard to create a beautiful entrance to your home if you live in a block of flats, but if you live in a private space, you have the responsibility of making your exterior beautiful.

Take the time to brighten up your outdoors with inviting and invigorating furnishings specially made for the exteriors.  You will want to entertain in this space all year round.  Every one of us has a patio or a terrace in our homes, and judging by many homes, when looking for décor and furnishing for your home, one rarely thinks about the exterior.

Style and taste

When choosing terrace furniture there are various things that you need to take into consideration.  The options are endless when it comes to choosing outdoor furniture as the variety is almost the same as indoor furniture.

By the way, your style and taste is the foremost important thing when choosing your furniture.  You want furniture that is a reflection of you and also refreshing.  Consider the surface of your outdoor space.  If you have terrace stones, you will be able to choose from metal or wrought iron furniture.  Invest in furniture and furnishings that are weather proof.

If a quiet and relaxing getaway located merely steps from your back door seems like something you would enjoy, then creating a relaxing oasis in your garden will be a delight.


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