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Transform your sleep



It is evident that the body demands comfort and support for total  relaxation, a solution that although often ignored is found in a quality mattress, writes Kelai WANJIRU.

After a hard day’s work, your bedroom becomes the only peaceful sanctuary you’d want to rush to, retire in and relax. It is the place you relieve your tired and aching body. Speaking of the bedroom; is your bed one that cannot go without a piece of comfort detailed by a mattress?

Mattress is the bed’s heart

Think about it. Are you having sleepless nights? Do you toss and turn the entire night? Do you wake up each morning to an aching back and dull neck aches? Well, if yes, the answer could be no further from your bed. It’s got to be your mattress, the heart of your bed.

Considering we spend a third of our lives asleep, your mood throughout the day and your general performance is determined by how well you sleep. Incidentally, mattresses are usually an afterthought for most people.

Only after you have the perfect bed, do you thinkabout a mattress, and often times, people tend to opt for the cheapest mattresses. But beware because, as the adage goes; cheap is expensive. Mattresses have thus a lot to do with your quality of sleep. They therefore add more value into your day-time feeling and activities than you think.

 5Ways big bang

With this in mind, 5Ways has ventured into the East African market with a big bang. Starting off in Kenya with introduction of superior line of spring mattress products, the company, according to the managing director Mr. Suraj Shah, purposes to transform your sleep.

5Ways aims to supply the entire East African region with quality mattresses over time, to give more people access to better products.

Manufactured with the sole purpose of relaxing your body, the spring mattresses use the latest technology and designs, to provide the market with mattresses that have proven support and durability to provide the end-users with the most relaxing sleep.

So, why do you need to have a spring mattress? Shah affirms that spring mattresses readily and easily adapt to body contours and movement. “In whichever way one sleeps, the gentle up thrust of the spring mattress lets the body to relax and allows moisture regulation and air circulation,” he says.


Already in circulation by 5Ways are two types of spring mattresses: Bonnell Spring Mattresses and Pocket Spring Mattresses, all of which are designed to suit specific needs. Each of these mattresses can as well be customized to an individual’s taste and preference, Shah says. Since the introduction of improved spring mattresses into East Africa by 5Ways, the products have become a popular preference in homes and steady choice in a growing number of hotels. Their stocking into major supermarkets across the region depicts the demand and gradual knowledge of a qualitative product. In view of the growing demand of comfort, 5Ways intends to introduce Memory Foam, an even more superior mattress product that NASA uses in its space shuttles. This is a revolutionary

product that caters for the needs of a person looking for added comfort and relaxation, reveals Shah. The mattress has a quality cover fabric, top notch finishing and are durable. So, when selecting your next mattress, think not only of the comfort and relaxation that it will offer but also of the non obvious benefits quality sleep will add to your daily life.