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Visitor FAQs

Visitor FAQs

How can I register to attend the Ideal Interiors Expo?

Visitors with a fundamental interest in the industry can register with the organizers of the show, Ideal Interiors East Africa Ltd through 0700 333 888 or through or complete our online visitor registration form in this site. The tickets you will receive should be printed, and will be presented at the entrance for access.

The organizers, however, work with industry players to pre-register attendees through invitation cards that would be produced by the visitors at the entrance of the exhibition. These invitation cards are sent in advance with the visitor’s names on it.

  1. What if I have forgotten my invitation card when I arrive at the show?

The organizers shall have already entered the visitor’s name in a database that will be accessed for this unfortunate occurrence. Upon confirmation of the registration details, the visitor would leave a business card and will be given a pass to attend the event.

  1. As a visitor to the Ideal Interiors Expo, do I have access to any other co-located events?

Indeed all registered visitors would be considered for other co-related conferences, workshops and forums on the Interiors industry, and would be invited to participate accordingly, in a formal manner. The visitors to the show get a first-priority treatment for any subsequent co-related event that is associated with the exhibition.

  1. Can I register when I arrive?

In case a visitor is unable to register in due time prior to the exhibition dates, he or she is allowed to register at the expo entrance on the material days. However, such a visitor ought to carry a business card to enable the registration process to flow seamless. A visitor who shall not have registered in advance and has no business cards may not be eligible to visit the expo.

  1. How much does it cost to enter the exhibition?

For free entry, please register online for a free e-ticket. The ticket will be sent to your email from where you are requested to print and present the same at entrance.

  1. What are the opening times?

The event opens at 9:00am on every material day and closes at 6:00pm in the evening. Visitors can walk into the exhibition as long as it is within these time margins.

  1. Is there parking at the venue?

The venue for the event has sufficient parking. However, visitors must seek for parking within the compound on their own. The organizers will only help with the facilitation of the process where the event host has failed to assist appropriately with parking owing to factors and circumstances that are understandable.

  1. Can I bring children?

There will be a family day on Saturday and Sunday during which families can attend the expo in that manner. However, the organizers largely discourage the entry of children into the exhibition hall owing to the serious nature of the event which requires a high level of organization and orderliness.

  1. Where can I eat?

The venue has excellent catering facilities within the location. Visitors have a choice from which to pick, and would be guided appropriately by the organizing team on the available options.

  1. Is there a sales area?

Exhibitors will definitely be seeking to sell some of the products, and they will do so in their individual stalls. Extended arrangements can be made with specific exhibitors to make available some products that visitors may want to carry away during the exhibition, if they are not available for exposition.

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