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Walls can talk



Interior wallpapers provide remarkable surfacing designs and yearned for flexibility that expressly communicates to those who pay attention to detail writes Rupal DOSHI.

PEOPLE HEAR ‘WALLPAPER’ and think of the dreary vinyl stuff our grandmothers used to put up. What they don’t know is that today, the finest wallpapers range from; digitally printed to woven with metallic fibres. They add character and dimension to a room. They are fashionable and modern.

The reappearance of wallpaper in interior design has a lot to do with flexibility of the product. Certain wallpapers can withstand cleanings with a delicate hand, a wet sponge, daily wear and tear.

Moreover, the countless number of accessible patterns and colour-ways is truly remarkable. There are also many themes covered with wallpaper designs such as the New York skyline and the streets of Paris. There is absolutely no need to limit one-self with some paint.

Re-emergence of an option

Through innovative technology, wallpaper is making a comeback. Easier removal and installation is one of the benefits of wallpaper, which has allowed it to re-emerge as a design option. Newer non-woven products are more hardwearing and can be peeled of sheets at a time, instead of strip by strip.

Beautiful interiors increase the value of your home if you are looking at the option of selling or renting. Wallpapers can be applied practically anywhere; living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Moreover, wallpapers help to cover any damages in your walls or ceilings.

The actual application process is shorter than paint, doesn’t leave an odor and the room can be used straight away. The task is performed at an affordable cost in a short time.

Design for Living decorators is specialists in professional wallpapering and decorating both residential and commercial units. They better understand your ideas in providing you a more appealing space. An investment in hiring a professional decorator is not a cause of concern, as Design for Living decorators provides you with a number of options to fit your budget.