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Edition 11

Way Code



Way is a design with well-defined proportions, minimalist contours and a sophisticated range of finishes and colours. These are the key concepts behind the project, which completes Snaidero’s design challenge that started with Orange and continued with Code. The goal was to develop a modern, integrated commercial proposal that would distinguish itself on the market while at the same time responding fully to market demands in terms of design, quality, customisation potential and competitiveness.

The CODE kitchen offers a style and a look that all of us would like to have in our own kitchen. With CODE, Snaidero has created a kitchen design for those who love to express their individual lifestyle and choices for the home. The underlying feature is a desire to enjoy total freedom in the kitchen, redesigning shapes and redefining lines to create new living appeal with an “inverse code” that eliminates the superfluous for a creative and flexible layout based on customized space. So here is CODE, an extensive and versatile kitchen design, with two extremely distinctive features: COLOUR and WOOD.