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Wilmer Furnishings



Wilmer Furnishings

Wilmer Furnishings is an interior design firm specializing in design, interior decoration, making covers, curtains, fitting kitchens, office partitions, outdoors furniture, camping equipment and all kind of home repairs and quality furniture.


The firm was established and incorporated in Kenya in the year 1996, having successfully served Kenyan market for more than 15 years. Our clientele, corporate, Homes and Hotels have continuously enjoyed our services; for this reason we established this Interior Solution in Nairobi for the Kenya Market. We take pride in our innovations, creativity and wide knowledge of the trendy designs. We ensure our clients professional services and uncompromised quality of material and services.

Contact Details:

Our Showroom

Cell:  +254 735 677 504, +254 713 793 148

Our Workshop

Tel: +254 20 884 678, +254 733 823 943

Cell: +254 736 025 537