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Woodwork with contemporary elegance



Woodwork EleganceThe world of classic, contemporary furniture has fast gained popularity in Kenya, and more and more property owners now make trendier furniture choices.  Wilmer Furnishings is one interior décor and furnishing store that actualizes classic and elegant furniture and furnishings that add a lasting contemporary feel. 

Modern homes and commercial establishments have come to be associated with a trendy lifestyle that keeps changing with the times.  It is almost impossible to walk into a space and find the same old furniture reflected across every home or office.  Wilmer Furnishings, 100% Kenyan, is a brand name that is very much identified with creating exclusive furniture that’s as personalized and preference oriented as the owner. Quality can be seen and felt in every piece created by the fine artisans and designers at Wilmer Furnishings.

Having a passion for fine furniture and classic décor, Wilmer Furnishings has remained a hidden gem in the vicinity of the Karen suburbs.  A walk around the warm and inspiring showroom offers on the warmth and coziness of a classic Kenyan home.  The fine pieces of furniture are full of uniqueness and on closer scrutiny, reveal the personalities of the owners.  It wouldn’t be wrong to state that every piece of furniture stocked at Wilmer Furnishings is a unique portrait of distinctive taste.

With most of us living in urban and peri-urban areas, the traditional look will just not cut it, and as much as we would like to have that modern and contemporary look, we do not want our furniture and fittings to be dated in a few years.  The niche that Wilmer Furnishings has created gives one the guarantee that the exclusivity of the furniture created will remain fashionable even in years’ to come.

With a sure 100% guarantee of quality classic wood furniture that has a classic mix of superb quality, style and elegance, the custom designed furniture is specially hand made from the finest natural woods sourced from mature trees.  Great detail goes into a piece with the furniture going through a rigorous finishing process that produces durable finishes that show off the natural beauty of the wood.

As most property owners look for practical and reasonable furniture and accessories that’s exquisite and still suit their lifestyles, contemporary wood furniture is a popular choice.  Considering we are moving away from plastic and investing in eco-friendly furniture, wood has gained popularity for its clean lines, sleekness, simplicity and functionality.  With minimalist design, wood is perfect for furnishing traditional and modern homes, small or large living spaces.  Wood also provides an elegant aura to commercial establishments in addition to giving a homely feel to the different corporate enterprises.

As the world becomes more contemporary, and the rapidly changing styles of furniture, Wilmer Furnishings has embraced this trend and constantly introduces new and trendy furniture that is sure to cause ripples in the interior design industry.