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With over 22 years’ experience in customized, handmade furniture as well as sourcing and restoration of rare and prized antiques, Sunny Daze has grown into one of the foremost furniture design houses in Africa, with clientele spanning the globe.

All our furniture is made from Mvuli, the ideal timber from which to produce garden furniture. It is virtually impervious to all weather conditions and climatic changes
and has a high natural content of oil that helps maintain stability throughout its lifetime of use.

Much of the furniture is uniquely designed and is either folding or knock down and offers individual adjustment. Slimmer timbers shaped for elegance and comfort are a feature of this collection. Additionally, all our tabletops are of even and consistent thickness, despite being handmade. Our antiques are individually sourced from around the region, and meticulously restored by our experts to ensure timeless beauty and elegance.

Our products are a lifetime investment that will add style to any surrounding. We have a range of modern and antique furniture that comes from Kenya and other parts
of the world. For pricing, or additional information, please contact us and we would be delighted to assist you.

Rahim Mandviwalla

2014 Expo

We are the ideal partners



The thought of missing any of the Ideal Interiors Expo tends to hatch some disappointments among focused interiors design sector players. Why? Everyone dealing with space aspire to offer the most ideal products and services.

Priding of brands therefore emerges as a worthwhile and feel good business showcase for companies yearning to be connected with brand Ideal Interiors. Reason! They want to hold hands with the clients and declare: “We are the ideal partners.”

Using the event to share more about the latest products, ideas about emerging projects, network with industry peers, celebrate talents and of significance be part of the vision of expanding the interiors knowledge gives every visitor and exhibitor the gratification.

For one, the annual event aims to assist the growing interiors design industry to source and tap into the expanding East African multi-billion dollar construction projects and beyond. The event further provides the interiors industry product vendors and suppliers with a quality fair that in particular gives the visitors choices. Exhibitors, on the other hand are exposed and therefore granted access to new and wider markets.

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2014 Expo

A Uniquely ideal interiors expo



IDEALLY, NO BUILT-UP SPACE is complete without the finishing touches that make it habitable. Indeed, this is what makes Ideal Interiors Expo – the Eastern African inspirational exhibition for spaces; that this year returns to The Village Market – the expo’s birthplace in 2010.

Evidently, those passionate about interiors have already diarized 5th – 9th March, 2014 and are prompting even their business associates never to miss out on the event’s big time deals.  Those who miss it, miss out big.

Yearned for event

Well, after one and half year of a lull moment at The Village Market, owing to construction of the now spacious Roof-Top Exhibition, droves of interior designers and visitors have now a reason to celebrate the come-back of the annually yearned for event.

The expo stems from a background of ensuring that a built environment gets the touch and ultimately the value of exemplary finishes.

Treasure trove

Of importance, Ideal Interiors Expo offers an unrivalled opportunity to boost exports and support companies venturing into strategic markets: the event will leverage its calling in this respect and direct its gaze towards overseas markets by again offering exhibitors and foreign visitors the convenience and comfort of at a lounge where they can meet and do business.

The event attributes importance and value to indoor space, giving it pride of place at the show. It’s therefore a landmark for manufacturers and professionals in the interiors field, and is acknowledged as a treasure trove of the very best the industry has to offer in flooring and wall coatings, finishes for indoor spaces, with solutions capable of meeting all the latest demands of modern planning.

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2014 Expo




Raising the bar is the only way for exhibitors keen to make an impact at the annual Ideal Interiors Expo, writes Humphrey Odhiambo.

RELENTLESS DEMANDS for increasingly high quality dwellings, recreational spaces and offices have prompted exhibitors at the annual Eastern Africa’s Ideal Interiors Expo to raise the event’s showcase and experiential level.

Being the East Africa’s annual and ultimate resource for inspiring interiors for homes, offices and hotels, the event organized by Real Wealth is billed as the successful showcase of talented minds transforming spaces and places.

Experiential architecture

The faces behind this unique event are industry players with the desire to share what’s trendy, what’s saleable and what’s serviceable. Arguably the best vantage point, for engaging with interior designers, the inspirational event serves as a platform with a spectrum of products and space-celeb ideas yearned for in experiential interiors architecture.

By bringing together a targeted audience of planners, architects, interior designers, construction firms, contractors and showroom managers, the expo is fashioned to connect product vendors with visitors yearning for solutions to upgrade their home interiors, office interiors and hotel interiors.

Celebrate talents

Right from the inception of the expo at The Village Market in 2010, the biggest names in the big-time interiors business platform arise to celebrate talents in the now highly competitive interiors-landscape.

The increased interest for aesthetics follows the awareness, which Ideal Interiors magazine, Ideal Interiors Expo and talented spatial experts continue to share.

Manufacturers, well aware of the importance of Ideal Interiors Expo, each year continue to sign up in droves for the event that allocates plentiful display space to the latest and most innovative design concepts and trends.

The mood of the 2014 Ideal Interiors Expo was evidently set by precision of scaled-up participation of new ideas-driven exhibitors who set enviable standards at the five-day eventful expo hosted at Kenyatta International Conference Centre last year.

More than a mere display, this year’s event provides an opportunity of sharing insights; where industry leaders can accompany visitors through an interesting interactive experience. The move is expected to harness the confidence of decision makers and heave the interiors marketplace to another next level of inspiring business.

The following 2013 exhibitor pictorial gives a glimpse of the standards set and what can be expected during this year’s event at The Village Market roof-top grounds – where the show makes a resounding come-back.

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