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Expo: Interiors Re-Imagined DRAFT

Overview of the Expo

The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo is brand new! It’s the first of its kind. It celebrates the re-imagining of East Africa’s interior design and architecture scene. People from all over East Africa and beyond are taking part. It’s a great chance for entrepreneurs, creatives, interior designers and architects to show their works and ideas. Plus, it’s a platform to network and collaborate with other professionals in the industry.

Let’s take a peek at what this event has to offer:

What is the East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo?

The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo is an event showcasing the latest trends in design and technology. It will be held at the conference center in Nairobi, Kenya from April 12th to 15th, 2023.

This expo brings together key players from the world of interior design and architecture. They explore ideas, share best practices, discuss innovations, and gain knowledge about opportunities for the future. Professionals network and learn about current trends, explore new products and services, and meet potential partners or investors.

The event is designed for industry experts to stay ahead of the curve in creativity and innovation. It promises programs that provide insights into disruptive technologies such as AI, smart homes automation systems, green interiors materials, and sustainability systems. Attendees interact with award-winning experts who are modernizing interiors spaces through innovative designs.

Workshops foster conversations between exhibitors and attendees. Topics include space transformation techniques (3D printing applications), emerging color palettes/wall treatments/finishes, technology based applications utilized in creating smart home environments, and more. Keynote presentations hosted by experts from across the globe aim to create better spaces across East Africa through extended project based collaboration!

When and where is the Expo taking place?

EAIREXPO 2023 is coming! On 11th – 14th May, it will take place at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

It’s a four-day event for the building interiors industry in East Africa. Exhibitors can show their products, services and projects to the target audiences.

Leaders from the Private and Government sectors, including Architects, Real Estate developers and Interior Designers, will attend.

Experts from all over the world will discuss how to revolutionize work and empower people through innovation. They’ll talk about Transformative Design strategies for people-centric offices and smart living technologies for modern homes.

At the Expo, attendees can explore leading trends, vendors and products from around the world. This includes:

  • Office furniture and acoustics modules
  • Multipurpose workspaces
  • HVAC systems and air purification solutions
  • Fitness suites and equipment
  • Smart homeware for traditional living spaces
  • Facade lighting and automation devices

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Benefits of Attending

The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo 2023 is an awesome chance to link up with the most famous interior designers and home improvement pros from the area. Exhibitors, panelists, and speakers will show you the latest trends, thoughts, and techniques regarding home design and architecture. Plus, the expo provides a great platform for networking, learning, and looking at the ever-changing industry.

Network with industry professionals

At The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo 2023, attendees have a one-of-a-kind chance to interact with the most powerful industry figures from across the globe. Networking provides a wealth of knowledge on current trends, invention, and business openings in the interiors business. It’s also the perfect occasion to make new connections and explore possible collaborations with other industry players.

Even if you’re searching for first-hand info about essential projects or fresh ideas that can benefit your business, networking is a must-do at The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo 2023.

Get access to the latest trends and ideas

The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo 2023 in Dar Es Salaam is a great way to find out what’s new in interior design. See the latest trends and products from suppliers around the world.

Attend lectures, seminars and workshops for knowledge of tools, techniques and products. View inspiring booth designs and connect with industry leaders. Share info with others who share your passion and learn best practices. Network with interior designers, architects and vendors. An ideal spot for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Get your interiors fix at The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo 2023!

Learn from industry experts

Attendees of The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo 2023 will have a unique chance to learn from top interior design professionals in the region. Experts will lead keynote lectures and panel discussions, covering topics such as creating inspiring workspaces, green design principles, using tech to achieve ambitious ideas, and more. It’s a great networking opportunity for aspiring interior designers, architects, property developers, and building owners to make contacts with likeminded people and established industry icons.

This conference is tailored for a global audience of design lovers, offering inspiring talks and insights:


East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo 2023 is a great choice for exhibitors. They will have a special platform to show and investigate the most recent interior design trends and products in East Africa. As an exhibitor, they can make new business contacts, connect with similar professionals, and learn from industry specialists.

Let’s look at why exhibitors should take part in this Expo:

Who are the exhibitors?

The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo provides a great platform. Exhibitors can show their products, services and concepts to the ever-growing African market.

These exhibitors range from furniture and soft furnishing makers, distributors and decorators, to tile and flooring producers, landscape designers, lighting providers and technicians.

It’s the perfect chance to present product ideas and prototypes to potential buyers. Plus, they can see existing products in real life and understand how they can use them. Exhibitors have access to architects, developers and home owners.

It’s an ideal opportunity for business and brand awareness. Design galleries linked with each booth help educate consumers about product benefits. There are promotional activities too, which help build brand loyalty and influence successful marketing strategies.

What types of products and services will be showcased?

The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo 2023 is a great chance for exhibitors, big and small. Furniture makers, custom cabinetry experts – everyone is welcome! Exhibitors can display their products, meet buyers and enjoy activities like seminars and panel discussions.

Products showcased at the Expo include:

  • Furniture
  • Cabinets
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Accessories
  • Textiles & Upholstery
  • Wallcoverings & Treatments
  • Decorative Items
  • Paintings & Prints
  • Mirrors & Frames

Vendors can also offer services like design consulting, project management and more. Specialized services like space planning, design drafting, renovation consultation and furniture customization can be offered.

At the Expo, vendors meet potential buyers who are looking for interior design ideas, from private households to architects and designers in the industry. This diverse audience makes it the perfect place to make meaningful connections and successful partnerships!


The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo 2023 attendees will get a special chance! They can take part in activities and networking events created just for those people looking to learn more and create connections in the world of interior design.

There will be lectures, workshops and interactive displays. Plus, product showcases that are live! Experts from the industry will also have inspiring and exciting talks. These chats will give insight into the newest trends, advancements, and technology.

What types of activities will be taking place?

The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo 2023 is a place of amazing experiences. With interactive activities, visitors can explore interior design, sustainable materials and natural building techniques. We want to create a fun and inspiring atmosphere to promote creativity, collaboration and education for innovative design.

Visitors can enjoy:

  • Seminars on natural building trends and techniques.
  • Workshops by professionals in interior design, architecture, materials science and construction technologies.
  • Demos of local materials and craftsmanship from Eastern African cultures.
  • Product displays from exhibitors with the best furnishings, furniture and decor materials.
  • Competitions for designers looking for unique solutions.
  • Live music entertainment with international dance beats.

What types of workshops will be offered?

The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo 2023 will provide a huge selection of remarkable and informative workshops. These are geared towards home redesigners, DIY hobbyists, and professionals.

Workshops cover everything from basic tools to advanced design principles. Color theory, textiles, lighting techniques, furniture arrangement, budgeting, sustainability, reclaimed materials and more will be discussed.

There are also creative activities such as discussion forums, product demos, and lectures given by renowned designers. At the Expo, attendees are guaranteed to leave feeling motivated with lots of new ideas!


The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo 2023 is happening in Nairobi. It’s an amazing city! So, take a few extra days and explore its culture, food and atmosphere.

The Expo organising committee have arranged accommodation to suit everyone’s needs and budget. There are luxury hotels and budget guesthouses. Nairobi has something for everyone!

Where can attendees stay during the Expo?

The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo 2023 attendees have options! From luxury hotels to cozy guesthouses and budget-friendly hostels – accommodation is close to the event venue.

The Grand Regency Hotel is nearby and offers top-notch service. Value seekers, check out the area’s guesthouses! On a budget? Hostels are an option with decent facilities and rates.

Choose lodging near the expo center – walk or take public transport. There are shuttles too, just in case your lodging is further away.

What types of transportation will be available?

The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo 2023 is all about giving guests a frictionless, cozy experience. We have thus arranged several transport services for those attending the event. To enable everyone to access travel, we will provide shuttles from airports and points of entry to the convention center.

There’ll be plenty of public transport near the area, plus hire car companies that accept Cash, Credit and PayPal. For those who prefer their own vehicles or rented cars, there will be plenty of parking onsite at the convention center. We are also in contact with a few taxi companies who will give pick up and drop off services to the expo grounds.

No matter what your chosen way of transport is, it will be easy to move around during The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo 2023!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the benefits of participating in The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo 2023?

A1. The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo 2023 offers a great opportunity for people to learn about the latest in interior design trends and technology. Participating in the event will provide attendees with the chance to network with top industry professionals, learn about the newest products and services, and explore the best interior design ideas. Additionally, the event will feature seminars and workshops focusing on topics such as sustainable design, green living, and home remodeling.

Q2. How can I get involved in The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo 2023?

A2. There are a number of ways to get involved in The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo 2023. Attendees can register for the event, become a sponsor, or submit a proposal for a seminar or workshop. Additionally, interested parties can sign up to volunteer at the event or join the event’s mailing list to stay informed about the latest news and updates.

Q3. Who should attend the The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo 2023?

A3. The East Africa Interiors Re-Imagine Expo 2023 is designed for anyone interested in learning more about interior design. This includes homeowners, interior designers, architects, builders, contractors, and students. It is a great opportunity for all of these professionals to network and learn more about the latest industry trends.






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