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Welcome to Antarc Ltd your one stop solution store for all your office and home furniture requirements.At Antarc we believe in providing our customer with variety, service, a price which shall fit their pocket hence we have introduced the flexible 3 monthly payment plan. We shall spoil you with our range of sofas, bedroom furniture, dinning furniture, kiddie furniture outdoor and bar furniture, special restaurant furniture and to top it all up a huge range of beautiful home décor be it beddings, mattresses, mattress protectors, vases, mirrors, wall hangings, paintings, table mats and also candle holders.

On the office front we have the widest range of ergonomic chairs which not only fit your budget but also take care of you posture and health, filing solutions, wide range of workstations and executive furniture and to top it all we furnish your entire office with stationery and every small requirement you have for setting up an office be it a file, a shredder, a binder and we also give you a office starter pack to get you ready on the first day of office.

An Antarc stock a famous La-Z-Boy’s this is comfort beyond imagination and every man’s dream to relax on this chair after a hard day’s work.Our professional technicians shall ensure that your furniture is well set up and areas cleaned out for your usage and your chair is adjusted to your personal comfort. An Antarc stock a famous La-Z-Boy’s this is comfort beyond imagination and every man’s dream to relax on this chair after a hard day’s work.Walk into Antarc to be treated like a royal and let our sales staff give you the personalized shopping tour round our showrooms and ensure you leave the showroom with a smile.Antarc also provides gift registry services and let your loved one receive the gift in style and make the occasion even more memorable.

Main Showroom:                                                        Branch Showroom:

No 62, Muthithi Road                                                  Kellico Complex, 1st Floor

Westlands.                                                                        Mombasa Road,

Nairobi, Kenya.                                                               Nairobi, Kenya.



Address:  P.O. Box 695 – 00606,

Nairobi, Kenya.

Telephone:  +254 20 503 5000

+254 733 503 500

+254 734 503 500

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Company Brief

Antarc Ltd a Private Limited Company was established in 1992. Antarc Ltd specializes with the importation and supply of quality furniture products that satisfy our client’s needs.

With over 20 years of service, today Antarc ranks second to none in both range and quality service for furniture solutions. We pride ourselves in having a dedicated support staff.

Vision Statement:

To be the leading furniture supplier and lifestyle store in East & Central Africa.

Mission Statement:

To import, manufacture and supply affordable and quality furniture to satisfy the requirements in the East & Central Africa region.

2013 Expo

Thola Glass



Thola Glass Enterprises LTD has its headquarters in Northern Germany where the mother company has successfully operated for the last 25 years.Thola Glass is a glass processing organization specialized in unique and innovative products. We have successfully cut our niche in the East African market by providing extra ordinary interior and exterior materials for the booming construction industry in this region. Our major concentration is in the interior where we specialize in elegant frameless shower cubicles/screens, glass sliding doors, kitchen & bathroom back painted glass, ordinary & antique mirrors, office partition, windows, balustrade and many other unique glass products.

Thola Glass Enterprises Ltd, Mombasa Rd.

Alpha Centre, Unit 32,

P.O. Box 353-00606, Nairobi, Kenya


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2013 Expo

Exhibitors turn up the creativity knob



The exhibiting companies that featured at the 4th Ideal Interiors Expo had one thing in mind: creativity. They came, they created and they conquered.
A lot of work, investment and resources went to the entire process of ensuring their stalls were aesthetically appealing, and their products glittering in the designs they had decided to apply.
Most of the exhibitors constructed their exhibition stands, therefore they didn’t need the shell schemes for support.
Almost 80 per cent of the exhibitors came with the objective to demonstrate their capacity in various divergent ways, but most significantly, they did it with style. The visitors were not disappointed. There was something to savour at every exhibition stand.
Most of the designs that featured at the expo were a showcase of the new trends emerging in the industry, and the creative manner in which they were outlaid was outstanding.
We take a look at some of the exhibiting firms that prompted such a mouthwatering conversation during the expo both at the venue and in the industry at large.
Ramara Ltd – The firm, which is known for exemplary locally-made furniture raised the bar with an exquisite design that featured some of their signature furniture for the living room, the lounge, the bar, bedroom and a study room.
The firm went further to give a beautiful wine rack through a raffle that was conducted during the Awards Ceremony, and won by one of the cameramen contracted to capture the expo. Ramara emerged the overall winner and the people’s choice during the awards.

Vishelectric Ltd – The regional lighting powerhouse constructed a beautiful stall that featured some of their modern lighting and lighting fixtures. The exquisite display was a sight to behold, with the ambience created by the lighting stealing the show.

PG Bison – The region’s leading boards firm was at its best, showcasing a unique glimpse of its range of products in a display that stole the hearts of many. PG Bison went further to provide free coffee, tea and chocolate that really appealed to customers. The firm won the Outstanding Customer Care Award.

Antarc Ltd – The firm, which is known for top-notch home and office furniture, showcase some of its latest range of furniture alongside a stunning display of its range of engineered flooring. Antarc was able to put up a mouthwatering display that kept tongues wagging.

Spiegel Interiors – The interior design powerhouse, which is known for some of the best fabric brands from all over the world, featured an elegant showstopper; an exciting and inviting display of some trendy furniture and wallpaper that glittered in the ambience created by the lighting. For sure, Spiegel showed the way in how one could transform interior design in the region to correspond to some of the emerging designs in developed countries overseas.

Quinn Peaks – The ever-present participant at the Ideal Interiors Expo won the hearts of many with a warm display of a bar and a dining set made of wood. Quinn Peaks has often showed a knack for an out-of-the-box thinking, and this indeed earned the firm an award for Exemplary Creativity.

Other firms that did an amazing job included Cornices & Decor, JumboChem, Prafulchandra & Brothers, Sheffield Steel Systems, Karibu Italy, Interiors Centre, Trancewood, Kids Stuff, Crown Marble and Quartz, Cherry Interiors and Thola Glass.

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2013 Expo

Visitors came from all over the region



The expo attracted visitors not only from Kenya, but also from Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda, which are key East African countries in terms of interiors business.
The Ideal Interiors Expo continues to attract participation from the wider East African region, and this is prompting the exhibitors to consider venturing beyond the Kenyan borders for opportunities available in the other markets.
The visitor profile was made up of property developers, real estate investors, interior designers, architects, home owners and potential home buyers. Suppliers of interiors products also showed up to determine who they could forge alliances with in the market.
With the quality clientele that came through the expo doors, organizers believe the expo may have found its bearing to move to the next level.

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