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Happy New Year! It’s amazing how fast we’ve all turned pages to reach 2012 – certainly an interesting and eventful year. It is. I ponder about this and write about it from my home-office in Syokimau. It’s a space to celebrate having just walked into it after a fulfilling journey of its actualization by varied interior industry players.

Since inception of Ideal Interiors magazine, shopping for qualitative ideas has been an interesting project. Indeed, this is part of why we write. We’d like to help you to always venture out for a valuable shopping experience. Gladly this publication was initiated by the interiors industry players with varied ideas.

This year, you’ll find even more exciting leads, awesome products and services. They are all purposed to celebrate your space – be it that office, recreation area and or residential space. The publication will enable you to shop for strategies, tactics, ideas, business relationships, solutions and more. This is the shopping you always need.

I am gratified whenever I meet and talk to readers of this publication. They say nice things about how much they scoop ideas from it. I sincerely appreciate those words. It’s important to understand that the writers don’t write to simply entertain. They instead write to nudge you, urge or should I say pester you to take action. They are all keen on adding value to your space. So, they write to prod you to unleash your remarkable potential. This isn’t something done passively…. It is done by deciding AND doing.

For this reasons, we in this edition, share with you a glimpse of what to expect at the Ideal Interiors Expo 2012. It is certainly a feast of exciting ideas and interestingly, we’ve themed it: Celebrating Your Space.

Its every bit will be richly enhanced with a diversity of purpose. If anything, by today’s lofty standards, the event is evidently the East Africa’s interiors industry biggest expo…and therefore; a must diarize! A must attend!

International design power houses, locally-based suppliers and designers shall be here to set and mark a new beginning of interiors for every budget. Grateful, we indeed are to both Ideal Standards and Ideal Ceramics – the prime sponsors of the East Africa’s 2012 Ideal Interiors Expo. They are both a dynamite of immaculate innovations. We equally salute big-time. Reason! Theirs is about building a formidable network with a steadily growing clientele that appreciate quality, quality and quality.

For one, at the expo and in this edition you’ll get to know; who’s woken to the realities in this competitive economic sector. It’s a dynamic sector that will never ever be underrated as a passing fad as has been diluted by some cynics.

For this, we hasten to say, that all our formal working and living spaces shouldn’t merely be about some four walls, a roof, window and a tight door but about quality interiors. It’s the interiors that make homes homely. It’s it that makes hotels enviable. It’s it that reflects the corporate image. It’s it that’ll continue to shape things to come.

Well then, despite the financial uncertainties of yester-year that strained various suppliers and designers in the interiors industry, there will be plenty of worthwhile creative works to approve for your space in 2012 and beyond. The recently expanding interior showrooms should surely give you a lead to this inspirational value.

As we invite to take advantage of engaging with the best of the best in this publication and at the expo, our word remains; celebrate your space plus a more fulfilling and bountiful year.

You deserve it.


Humphrey Odhiambo


Interiors Updates

Contemporary African Art



This is a joint exhibition by two artists (Husband & Wife Oywecha and Ruth). Each showing Talent & Own Expressions.

In Ruth’s Art, she expresses her thoughts, dreams and emotions not forgetting other ideas from within and without. She tries to create by seeing everything as they are in constant effort. She has always tried to nourish her feelings and doing so by deriving materials from the world about us and assimilating the external world about us and assimilating the external world within herself and projecting them into mediums as her own creation. Her art has evolved significantly and in the process, she has become an accomplished and prolific artist.

In Oywecha’s painting color and his technique combine to express and or elicit powerful emotions. Some have linked his paintings with cubism, which is sought to depict an intellectual and abstract reality. His paintings have a tendency of pulling apart and examining conventions of existing models of expression, his own characteristics and unique style. Some term his work as geometrical due to its simplification.

0718-500101, 0733-582643

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Interiors Updates




Rarely are middle-class homes built with a top of the level interiors-architectural approach and mix expansive space to allow the home occupant to style the space, but as writes Jeniffer MBOGORI, Kivulini Thika is a rare homely setting with stylish apartments.

The magnificent development of Kivulini Thika situated along the Thika Garissa Road that is only a few minutes drive from Thika’s-Central Business District set a remarkable standard for affordable residential units that’s emerging in Kenya of late.

The awesomely compelling homes spaciously built on a five acre prime land is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious addresses in Thika comprising 31 beautiful maisonettes and 96 stylish apartments.

All residences are characterized by light open spaces, high-quality finishing, and a design concept that few other developments can match.

Refined architectural thinking

With ample parking, stunning landscaping and onsite community shopping facilities Kivulini Thika oozes an ultimate statement of a lifestyle that combines the elements of top class living. Its refined architectural thinking thus offers a special connection to would be home-owner or tenant. Making the good use of Kivulini – a Swahili word that means at the shade -the unique dwelling place gives an impression of quality treat from this sound architecture and interior design works.

There’s no doubt the team behind the project actualized it and put functionality of every room at the forefront. This is certainly where one hardly feels like any other home-buyer or a new tenant in a new place but the inviting environment as well as the architectural works jogs the mind of the visitor to invest.

Large open Plans

While having the homely feel of the maisonettes with three large bedrooms, master en-suite, ample wardrobe space, a separate WC/Shower room, large open plan reception and a dining room with study area and fireplace one can’t help but feel the warmth of modernity that makes Kivulini Thika significantly differently.

The well ventilated spacious kitchen with a large store room adjacent an independent store and yard is so inviting as it is graced with an outdoor nyamachoma terrace and private garden.

Additional benefits to this stylish home is a well thought-out guest WC/cloak room, two dedicated car parking spots and a detached en-suite domestic servants quarter. A fascinating dedicated roof-top clothes-hanging open air space, built-in gas connection with secure external bottle cage depicts a thought process of an architect and interior designer who really had in mind about the functionality of each home.

Interiors at Kivulini Thika is all about going beyond expectations. While the elegance starts from the wow exterior landscape, the interiors speak of switched-on pomp of a lifestyle that is prided by many home seekers or home buyers.

Elegant flooring using high quality tiles, chic built-in wardrobes, quality ironmongery, stylish and practical kitchen cabinets, quality sanitary fittings including vanity basins with mixers/taps, WC and shower gives a tinge of the positives that each residence holds.


For details contact:

3rd floor, Imperial court, Westlands Road, Nairobi
0727 752 244/020 744 593/5/ 0737 151 566

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Interiors Updates

Chummer revamps commercial division



One of the region’s leading fabricators of custom metal works has in recent months moved to strengthen its commercial business division in the wake of huge demand from property developers in the region for the firm’s high quality metal works.

Chummer has been conducting business in the regional market for a while and has grown a reputation for high quality design and fabrication of unique and custom crafted ornamental metal for residential and commercial use.

Ornamental Chummer Iron WorksChummer GardensIn recent months, the firm has stepped up its efforts to serve the wider commercial market in the region.

“The market is thirsty for quality and elegant design,” says the General Manager, Mr. Mudasir Gul. “Gone are the days when you would just fabricate metal and hope for a good day in the market.

We have since found our niche in the art of crafting ornamental metal.”

Given the volumes and quantities involved in this segment of the market, the firm has equally moved to transform is delivery capacity and mechanisms to ensure it can meet demand at any one given time from as many clients.

“It is not easy to deal with a market that is rapidly growing, more so if that market is the commercial segment,” Mr. Gul says. “For instance, to fabricate stair rails that would be fitted in a commercial development of a so many floors may require plenty of material and a faster delivery approach. These are the considerations we have been working upon to ensure we deliver successful as we have so far done.”

It also means having sufficient manpower, equipment and constant supply of electricity to ensure the work is done faster and without any interruptions. Chummer has ensured all these factors are in play, and the firm is believed to be setting a precedent that should be emulated by other players in the industry to ensure the market is served adequately.

Ornamental Chummer“As it is, we can only serve the market to a certain level, however efficient we are at what we do,” Mr. Gul says. “All of us in this segment of the market must wake up to the realities facing us so we keep up pace with the rapidly changing environment for both interiors and exteriors of any building projects in progress.”

The firm has in recent months excelled so well in residential property arena, and is said to be one of the leading suppliers of stair rails, ornamental lighting fixtures, gates, fences, balconies, window frames, metallic beds, tables and chairs as well as plexi glass. The firm has since launched a massive drive for its stainless steel and aluminium product range as well, which has attracted a huge demand from clients.

Chummer is said to be leading the quest to meet the demands of the entire East Africa region with these products, an objective that has placed the firm on a very strong course towards success.

Chummer has been conducting business in the regional market for a while and has grown a reputation for high quality design and fabrication of unique and custom crafted ornamental metal for residential and commercial use.

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