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The Ideal Interiors EXPO 2012 emerges as a resource centre of insightful ideas. This will certainly be a hot ground of recommendations. Decisive buyers want to know who to work with in their existing or the next last-mile building projects – however small, however big.  

Considering significant improvement and the sterling displays in the immediate last event, this next one will be juxtaposed with amazing ideas. It’ll be a bit different, and, hey, variety will be a great spice.

Being an annual one-stop eventful expo for hotels, offices and residential sourcing needs, the show, a first of it’s kind, shown in East Africa proves to be the sourcing destination for importers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and specialty stores for a variety of products and services.

As ever, the exhibition hall aims to showcase a colourful mix of different treatment of interiors under the theme: Celebrating your Space.

The uniqueness will revolve around interior fixtures and fittings, varying seat and window fabrics, carpets and trims, new catering technologies to lighting, kitchens, bathrooms and the more austere facilities available to economy interiors spaces.

Among those who’d secured spaces to engage uniqueness of purpose by the time we were proceeding to press included:-

IDEAL STANDARD – Sherrif Raafat

With our heads up high, Ideal Standard is glad to partner with Ideal Ceramics to sponsor and effectively participate at the Ideal Interiors EXPO says Mr. Sherrif Raafat, the marketing director of Ideal Standard Egypt. We intend to walk a long way with those who value unique products amplified with that deep understanding of the personal and intimate role that bathrooms play, in line with the Ideal Standard brand ethos “Inspired by Real Life”, he stressed.

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With the BOLD LOOK OF KHOLER, Citron Interiors that has made a new interiors mark in Eastern Africa. Quality speaks at Kohler and at the expo will be a live bathroom that will match their prowess in manufacturing distinctive and long-lasting sinks, toilets, bathtubs, faucets, and other plumbing fixtures for kitchens and bathrooms. “We can’t wait to be at this special event. We purposely want to improve bathing experience,” said Ms Jaz Gharial, marketing director Citron Interiors.

DÉCOR PEBBLES – Hellen Wandaka

With a clear mission to make a difference in people’s lifestyles, Hellen Wandaka, the managing director of Décor Pebbles secured an 18 square meter lighting stall. The company which has been so passionate about making a difference to people’s lives through innovative lighting products ensures that every single creative product adheres to quality standards and fulfills service requirements that are backed up by a world-class standards. “Those keen on creative lighting products and solutions must come to our 2012 Ideal Interiors EXPO stand,” Ms. Wandaka said.


The uniqueness of Décor Interiors that spoke volumes in last year’s Ideal Interiors EXPO did not just create and leave some fond memories but upped the notch of the event. With its unusual natural woods and materials, the firm has squarely narrowed its tempo into high-end, fashionable homes and lodges as “neo-Africa” eco-friendly furnishings. “We step into the 2012 Ideal Interiors EXPO after having found and defined our main mission using innovative ways offbeat sustainable materials for furniture and interior fittings,” said Kamni Mehta, the Décor Interiors, director and design team leader.


Ideal Interiors EXPO has in the past eluded our attention but we visited it last year and realized what we’ve been missing. For this reason, Ideal Ceramics with all our partners have a reason to be sure that our participation for the first time at the event will make a significant difference to the buyer searching for the worthwhile and re-birthed bathroom experience, said Sam Obare, sales team leader at Ideal Ceramics.


Known to have changed the look of offices, hotels and homes with enviable acrylic flooring plus, Contract Carpeting have secured an 18 square meter space to showcase where the real touch of interiors begin. The flooring guru aims to share the very best of high quality resilient flooring products suitable for the architectural, recreational and sports surfacing markets. “We can’t wait to be at the Ideal Interiors EXPO for it is one event that has continued to engage us with the ultimate right buyer,” said Alnoor Juma, the Contract Carpeting managing director.


Considering that wallpapers are creative, inspiring and elegant, Ms. Rupal Doshi, the managing director of Design for Living has made a deliberate effort to share the best of wall surfacing at the 2012 Ideal Interiors EXPO. She notes that everyone needs a feature wall with distinct a wallpaper that inspires creativity. In a 18 square meter exhibitor space, the company will present stunning wallpapers created by some hard-working and dedicated designers. As this will definitely be worth your look, Rupal stressed on the need on every decisive expo visitor to reserve for Design for Living has budget-friendly for an art-fulfilling wallpaper for the wall that must speak.


Arguably one of East Africa’s lead furniture-maker Quinnpeaks has steadily risen to become a powerhouse. It surely will emerge as one of the focal spots throughout the expo. “We look forward to a continued quality engagement with clients as we have done in the past two events,” said Mrs Anju Patel, the managing director of Quinnpeaks stressing that the firm’s uniqueness will count.


Since one can’t resist to fall in love with fabrics when at Spiegel Interiors, Shahin Rajwani, the creative and charming force behind the business affirms that her participation at Ideal Interiors 2012 will be a dalliance. Known to actualize expo-stoppers since inception of the event, she this time intends to indulge with the hoteliers and home-makers yearning for the softest textures to the brightest colours, from the finest patterns to the coolest designs. “We’ll demonstrate the mixes and the match at the expo,” said Shahin.

TILE & CARPET  – Sachin Sangrajka

We’ve deliberately chosen to go big at the Ideal Interiors EXPO as it has evidently emerged as a worthwhile platform for prospective and existing customers.  “For those endeavouring to create a kitchen that inspires and fires imagination, our vast range of kitchen tiles will be a perfect place to start at the expo”, said the Tile & Carpet showroom managing director Sachin Sangrajka adding that the firm intends to pull quality surprises at expo.


If you ever needed special wall surfacing effects that are inspiring, gorgeous and hilarious you wouldn’t start anywhere apart from Classic Mouldings. Having combined effort with FAKRO Roofing, the company’s general manager, Joy Mbuthia invites home builders keen on adding value to their spaces to visit Classic Mouldings stall at the 2012 Ideal Interiors EXPO. Since the company’s inception in 1991, the Kenyan based company is managed by expatriates and highly innovative local management team with a special knack on creative interior works.


The Savannah Studio Design team secured 18 square meter exhibitor stall and embarked to work on inspirational interiors concept that aims to Wow every visitor at the expo. The establishment’s managing director and lead designer Sandeep Thethy said ‘There is a cataclysmic level of design talent in Kenya and in respect to quality, variety and ingenuity, the country can present itself very respectfully in terms of Interior Design talent on the Continent, something that we certainly don’t promote enough across Africa and beyond .


Tecno Plast Ltd located along Mombasa Road at Kellico House is an astounding home of Villeroy & Boch in East Africa. Their aim at the expo is to share the most distinct discoveries and the worthwhile talents behind Villeroy & Boch that has become one of the most reputed design leader and manufacturer of quality and innovative shower and stylish bathrooms. By virtue of Villeroy and Boch measuring up to perfection, Winnie Lau, the firm’s marketing manager and designer noted that it was time their big name featured at Ideal Interiors EXPO to showcase the impressively uncomplicated Villeroy and Boch uniqueness.

LAXCON – Arvind Raghwani

We do not have a doubt that this is the perfect timing for us to be at the Ideal Interiors EXPO 2012, Mr. Arvind Raghwani, the managing director said while securing exhibitor space recently. It is our goal to bring before prospective clients our widest selections of cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls, door hardware, bath hardware and other types of decorative hardware to help them either improve their homes or construction projects, he added.

KITCHEN AND OFFICE – Elizabeth Omondi

If you’ve really wanted a kitchen that would be customized to your budget, then it is time to partner with Kitchen and Office. The company, which last year scooped the top award in the Kitchen Design and Assembling Competition, is yet again prepared to Wow visitors at the 2012 Ideal Interiors EXPO. Ms Elizabeth Omondi, the firm’s managing director says she looks forward to engage with very decisive clients as Kitchen & Office has both worthwhile products and services to offer.


Panesar Furniture walks into the 2012 and more so, at the Ideal Interiors EXPO with a big-bang. “While we have prepared two distinct expo stands to showcase furniture and kitchen we are keen to squarely engage with decisive clientele,” says Vir Pannesar, the company’s general manager. “Our designs and remodels have been attracting clientele who crave for perfection in not only their kitchens but bedrooms, dining rooms, libraries, offices, entertainment centers and game rooms.


Vishelectric offers various light solutions for consumers. At the 2012 Ideal Interiors EXPO, the firm; says the managing director Paresh Shah will demonstrate the extent of which it offers innovative and efficient lighting technologies and a wide range of energy-saving alternatives to conventional lamps. “We’ll also be at hand to share insights on how light behave, the optimum design of light and how to install lighting professionally.

2012 Expo

Diani Flowers & Landscaping Ltd




Diani Flowers & Landscaping Ltd (DFL) is a Company based in Nairobi, Kenya and has a wealth of experience in gardening, landscaping and irrigation systems installation. The Company has 20 years experience and continues to expand its range of services, using an environmentally-friendly approach putting emphasis on the conservation of the environment. The company has a wide local and international client base.

The Company is led by a professional team that advises clients and provides expert services keeping in mind the area being landscaped and its surroundings. We strive to capture the clients needs to come up with the required landscaping design in the shortest possible time resulting in beautiful outdoor living spaces that are guaranteed to add life to your years!

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 16777-00620, Mobil Plaza,
Nairobi, Kenya.
Fax: 7621914
Tel: 76 22640 / 7622784
Cell: 0733 – 771235

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2012 Expo

Shazad Enterprises



SHAZAD ENTERPRISES is a manufacturer of Gypsum Filler, Cornice glue and Wood filler located in Nairobi’s Embakasi area. We specialize in manufacturing and sales of these building products which are very well known in the Hardware industry and construction field. We are the only manufacturers of Cornice Glue (SUPERFIX) & Wood- filler which is water based. Our brand name, HARDPLAST is registered and all our products have been approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS). With its nearly 10 years history, Shazad Enterprises has developed to be a mature and reputable company. Our aim is to provide the most advanced quality products, satisfaction and excellent service to our customers.


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2012 Expo

Classic Mouldings



A  Kenyan based company founded in 1991, managed by expatriates and highly innovative local management. It is renowned for its Artistic approach to Interior Decoration. Our Company provides the highest standards of INTERIOR Construction works and high class finishes.

The main areas are;

Fine Interior Walls & Ceilings

2Architectural Mouldings

Decorative artistic Wall pastes – Terra, Pietra, Anticco, Stucco, Polished Plaster, Spatulata among others:

Wall Covering

Fabrics for Curtains & Upholstery

Jerusalem stones

FAKRO Attic/Loft Ladders

FAKRO Roof Windows & Skylights

FAKRO Breathable Membrane EUROTOP N35


For more information, Please do not hesitate to contact us or to visit our Showroom on Mombasa Road at Kellico Complex (Ramboo Plaza) and we will be delighted to be of assistance to you

Classic Mouldings Ltd.
P. o. Box 3636 – 00506, Nyayo Stadium
TEL: + 254 (0) 20 828241/828242/828243
FAX: + 254 (0) 20 828266

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