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Ideal Interiors Expo annually hosts carefully selected exhibitors with compelling brands that make a difference and delight spaces. Humphrey ODHIAMBO takes a look on the preparation of the event and what will be under one roof for buyers of ideas and compelling designs at the expo with several show-stoppers.

For the first time since inception of Ideal Interiors Expo in 2010, the exhibition – showcasing the finest will be hosted at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre.

Decisive buyers including influential VIPs from the Eastern Africa are expected at the expo as it emerges as the ideal sourcing ground of ideas, innovative interior designs, creative interior designers and designer products for the multi-million dollar projects across the region.

Beyond an exhibition

The Ideal Interiors Expo is not just the Eastern Africa’s number one event for sourcing the latest interiors and landscaping designs, it is also a platform for promoting and sharing new trends and innovations with the architecture and design communities.

Exhibitors make the time to share with clients more about what makes interiors connect with a people who indeed are searching for right solutions for their homes, hotels and offices.

Face-to-face interaction from over 6,000 industry professionals sourcing for the latest in five days makes the event appealing since the show accommodates 100 plus brands that prompt visitors to make the right choices at the KICC’s 2,400 sqm expo-space hosting mind-blowing ideas!

Who will visit?

Being the only exhibition in Eastern Africa dedicated to interiors, the show turns out as the most ideal platform to launch products, give demonstrations and network with industry peers. Among those expected to visit and qualitatively connect with the exhibitors at the expo range from interior designers, architects, consultants, contractors, distributors, procurement professionals, project managers, real estate developers, retailers, space planners, product specifiers and wholesalers.

Race to stand-out

If one ever thought that it is only in abroad that stylish displays in exhibition can be found, then they are mistaken. Advance planning, creative thinking, learning the trends and exposure have put various exhibitors at the Ideal Interiors Expo to exude the international feel.

While undertaking to participate in this year’s expo, most of this year’s exhibitors were confronted with the fact that they’ve got to be equated with style. Their goal was therefore to make set-up stands that would attract, excite, engage and enable them evangelise more about their products and services to a range of prospective clients invited to the event.

 Must-visit stalls

Advance planning for the booked expo-spots prompted a number of exhibitors to quickly start the business of putting conscious effort to actualize must-visit stalls. Their though process was firmly guided with the questions: How shall we attract people to our stand? What will make us stand out? How shall we manage to excite with the purpose to engage and tell people about you services if your stand doesn’t tell the initial story?

It is in trying to answer these very real questions that JumboChem, Prafulchandra, Spiegel Interiors, RAMARA, Vish Electric deliberately chose to design show-stopper exhibitor stands and in advance shared their thoughts with Ideal Interiors, the organisers of the 4th Ideal Interiors Expo.

Early booking for their spaces prompted the companies to seek guidance from the event organisers in a bid to develop exhibition stands that are tailored and relevant to services as well as the products these companies offer.

New thinking cap

It was all evident that the companies were not only thinking out of the box but had worn a new thinking-cap. They deliberately chose to burn the box in-order to up the bar of their presence at the show of style.

The crystal message from the companies which chose to up the event’s game inclined on stating that stall-exhibition design, more so for interiors is a process of developing an exhibit—from a concept through to a physical, three-dimensional exhibition. It is a continually evolving field, drawing on innovative, creative and practical solutions to the challenge of developing communicative environments that ‘tell a story’ in a three-dimensional space.

During the expo, it will be exciting to see what these players finally build. What will be the extent of the attractiveness? Will the stalls be as attractive as they show on the three-dimensional scales? What other items will flavor their construction to hold the visitors? Will they catch the eye of the event’s adjudication team? Let’s wait and see…for more of these will be highlighted in the immediate next bulletin of Ideal Interiors as well as on the website

Edition 11

Anti-Bacterial Paint in your Homes



With the aim of ensuring homes are non-toxic, Crown Paints has introduced an innovative paint that ensures a bacteria free environment that is ideal for use in kitchens and other areas within the home that may have a high bacterial risk.

Crown MedicrylSilk Emulsion is a product that is aimed to cater to both homes and hospital areas and has been endorsed by the UK-based Industrial Micro-Biological Services.

The antibacterial paint is the evident choice for kitchen areas, with looming bacterial hazards such as salmonella, mildew and fungi. Microbes in both the kitchen and bathroom areas are a significant problem considering high humidity levels and dampness that can be found in the house particularly in these areas.

Crown Medicryl silk emulsion has been analysed and is approved by the IMSL-UK (Industrial Microbiological Service Limited) for its antibacterial properties. The Waterborne Paint is fast drying, virtually odourless and is fairly easy to apply.

The paint emulsion is resistant to E-Coli &a bacterium that affects the respiratory tract (Staphylococcus Aureus Bacteria) and contains bactericides that fight against bacterial and fungal development. Once applied surfaces areas can be washed as the paint contains a high scrub resistant and is therefore suitable for regular cleaning purposes.

Due to the rising levels of resistant bacteria, the World Health Organization has raised a red flag to the world; and has released an informative document urging nations to collaborate on the containment of antibiotic resistance.

Developing nations have been urged to set up preventive measures to ensure reducing the risks of exposure to resistant bacteria. This innovative coating solution is comprised of anti-bacterial properties, and targets spaces that would benefit fromelevated standards of hygiene.

Within the home environment, paints such as Medicryl should also be considered for those who may be caring for individuals with a low immune system or those that are undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy and are recuperating from home. For patients such as these the more sterile the environment the better, to prevent unwanted bacterial infections.

Besides Medicryl, Crown Paints has also introduced other innovative products in the local market such as Teflon Surface Protector which ensures walls and other surfaces remain easy to clean and resistant to stains.

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Edition 11

Know it! Better it!



There’s no doubt that the path to gaining knowledge is sharing. Bettering interior spaces thus calls for one to in totality appreciate what works at the prefered space and useful in its beauty writes ZAMEER VERJEE and AMBRA MONTAGNA.

The first step to change your home is to know where to start. It may seem obvious that you know your home but the main question is: do you really understand how it works?

It is critical that you know how the common areas (kitchen, dining room and living room) communicate? Do you know the dimensions of the rooms, ceilings, doors, windows and the size of the stairs? Do you know the importance behind the different shapes, scale and orientation of the spaces? If you are aware of the above, you will be far more likely to draw up a successful scheme for change.

Getting started in assessing your home for changes requires an objective list of both positive and negative qualities of your home. The best way to do this is to imagine a scenario of you selling your house to a prospective buyer or if this may result hard another way would be to take a picture of the interested areas and analyze it with a critical detached eye in order to spot all the imperfections.

What needs alterations

The next step is to identify precisely what needs alterations. Pay attention to the everyday experience of using your house and get opinions from all your family members in order to develop detailed understanding of what need to be done. Some of the questions we suggest you ask yourself during this process are:

What pleases you most about your home? / What annoys you most about your home?

Are there bottle necks where people always seem to be treading on each other’s toes?

Is there a room that is underused or one that people tend to avoid?

When analyzing a specific area can you see a defined balance in the organization of the room?

An essential part of the process of assessment is providing yourself with a concrete framework to test your ideas. Some areas may seem obvious for improvement but before giving out the job it is important to understand how your ideas relate and harmonize with the existing elements of your house. This may take form of making floor plans, modeling, further research or seeking professional guidance. These are the preconditions that should allow you to make an honest and realistic decision on whether the work should be carried out by yourself or not.

 Professionals to carry

 Many people are doubtful of interior designers yet they are there to make life easier for you during the process of renovating your house. In the case that the task you have taken is too big to be carried out by yourself you are on the way to disaster. Reversing this will be costly, time consuming and will involve further disruption which in turn will lead you to waste instead than save your money. A better option would be to ask for help and advice to professionals which can be chosen through recommendation from previous clients.

Having the right professionals to carry out your plan will give you the advantage of a better understanding of the realization costs, the scope of the work and the potential loop-holes of the project. Most importantly, hiring an interior designer will give you the point of view of a trained eye capable to visualize your idea therefore enhancing and adding value to your home.


Many people are doubtful of interior designers yet they are there to make life easier for you during the process of renovating your house.

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Edition 11

Evaluate your lock security



Taking the time to research and install the best door hardware for your home can help you provide a first line of safety for your family and personal belongings writes ROSE ANDARO.

There are many home security methods that are used to ensure the safety of property and loved ones. It is advisable to re-evaluate these methods from time to time. This helps to check and effectively address the areas that require improvement.

Door and Window Locks

Though locks may seem simple, they are actually quite powerful in preventing theft. Criminals today are bolder than ever and may decide to attempt to break into your home despite any high tech home security methods. If they cannot get past the lock, they cannot enter your home. This is a simple fact that is often overlooked.

Evaluating your home security level should include replacing any locks that are not functioning correctly. It would also be wise to replace older locks, as you simply have no way of knowing how many people may have keys.

Advisable in this regard is to allocate a budget for installing new quality locks on doors, windows, and garage doors. Locks should always be considered your first line of defense. They therefore should not be overlooked.


Evolution of safety

There are many different locksets available on the market, but you should be able to make a safe choice if you engage with an outlet/vendor who is ready to share detailed tips for choosing home locks. Among the showrooms more that’s more willing to offer such safety highlights is Interiors Evolution.

“Ours is about holding the hands of our clients as they make preferences on a range of interiors hardware solutions and while evaluating and purchasing locks for homes, offices and hotel rooms,” says Smita, the Interiors Evolution managing director.

Services that range from consulting and specification writing services … unique needs of various types of facilities, access control and egress requirements – all the things you need in specifying door hardware solutions are also offered by Interiors Evolution.

Door hardware like door locks, handles, knobs, closers are always the centre of attraction. The entrance depicts a lot of significance towards the entire house hold when speaking of safety.

A review of your facility’s security hardware is one such preemptive practice that should be conducted annually to engender a safe, secure environment for students, staff and the community as a whole.

As any security expert will tell you, the worst time to review the integrity of a school’s door security hardware is after an incident occurs, such as a break-in, theft, assault or fire. Unfortunately, many administrators overlook this vital building component until it’s too late; to take preventive measures.

Some doors allow free access while others require a key, card or pass code to enter; still others may prohibit any passage. It’s all a matter of access privileges and not of interest to most people until something goes wrong.

Among the proven quality of locks and lock systems include:-

Mortise locksets — these are locks that fit into a mortise in the door edge and typically feature levers to operate a latch bolt. They provide greater torque resistance, security and a variety of functions more than the typical cylindrical locksets. You’ll recognize these, by the separate cylinder (where the key goes in) above the lever. They are applied to any door in a facility that requires latching or locking.

Automatic operators — Automatic operators provide for the ultimate in convenience and door control. With a simple push of a button, a door can be opened, held open to allow passage and then closed. These entrances are not only for physically disabled, but for many situations when a person may not have their hands available to push or pull a door open (ever have your arms full of books?). Many automatic door operators have the ability to be interfaced with electrified hardware such as electric strikes and the electric latch retraction exit device in order to provide a complete and secure entrance solution.

Panic Hardware -A Panic Bar (also known as a crash bar, exit device, panic device, or a push bar) is a mechanism for unlatching a door, consisting of a spring-loaded metal bar fixed horizontally to the front of the door and hinged. It is operated by pushing on it, which unlatches and opens the door.

Door hardware like door locks, handles, knobs, closers are always the centre of attraction. The entrance depicts a lot of significance towards the entire house hold when speaking of safety.

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